|In my early life, me and my family felt that for us it is not allowed to travel and visit beautiful and new places. I was raised like this: travelling is the opportunity only for the rich people.

When I was really young, after a few years when the communism discontinued Hungary (1989), together with my parents we visited Vienna, Austria by car. At that time, within the Hungarians it was a trend to go to the west and buy things there. As you may know, before that it was forbidden to us to leave the ‘red’ countries. So that was the first time for me when I left Hungary. Unfortunately because I was so young, I don’t remember so much, only for the most interesting things: the ‘automatically-open-doors’ and some amazing ‘automatic toy car’ for children. However those things are not so huge ones – ok that time it was really shocking I guess not just for a kindergarten-aged girl, but an adult as well from Hungary – this experience just stucked in my brain and I can say, that was the first cultural shock for me what taught me for the values of visiting a new place far from your home!

After that, more then 10 years long, I was only in my little town, maximum 100 km far from it, only in my country. Mainly because I was so young|my family not afford to travel…

Now, after some amazing travelling experience from a really low budget, I can easily say: if you want, you can find an alternative way for yourself to travel anywhere what you want!

I think it is obvious why travelling is important in life, right?
That is why I suggest to everyone to go for it, and don’t live a life without visiting an other culture! As much as you can!

So let see how can it be possible?
|From my examples|

  • build on your family: if someone from your family living abroad, do not hesitate to contact them or you can also organize a group trip with your relatives to make it cheaper! (Split, Croatia for 2 weeks)
  • build on your friends: if they have family relatives or friends living abroad, you can go with them! (that is how I was in Slovakia) or organize common group trips by car/train close to your country! (we went to a concert in Zagreb by this!)
  • scholarship: I think all over the word for every country must be some organizations or education institutions which are providing budget for cover your practicing/studying/researching.. abroad! (1 month in Finland by this)
  • volunteering: if you want to experience more than a holiday, and get to know more about the culture, but have limited money, you should go for a volunteering projects. You can find a lot of organization I’m sure. My choice was AIESEC, the student run organization’s 6-weeks-long project. (3 months in Africa in this summer by this!)
  • join for an international organization: find yourself a position, which is dealing with a project in abroad, and go for it! (Greece – 1 month working for country cooperation within AIESEC Hungary and AIESEC Greece)
  • work with incoming volunteers: they are so grateful and kind people! If you help them to travel around your country, I’m sure they will offer you to visit them at their home countries! (ok, I have not visited them yet, but I have some contacts and a life to manage it!)
  • cheap trips: thousands of websites can help you find organized travelling. (visited Prague by this)

So far, these are my own experiences, and I know that this is just 1% of the whole! I really enjoyed all of them, and managed it as a student from a part time job salary. Ok, to be honest, my expectations are not really high about travelling and the life conditions… But I’m sure, everyone can find the best solution for themselves if they working on it!

I wish you a good luck, and please never give up and always go for a new trip!

Have you seen couchserfing? Or have you ever traveled by using hitchhiking? Do you know what is Gofundme? Working for accommodation?

Interested facts about the Europeans habits about travelling in 2012, click|here.

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