|Cultural differences – Greek edition 1.

|What is came to your mind if I say: Greece! Ancient and historical information? Crises? Islands? Aegean sea? Mediterranean beaches? Let’s check it from my perspective!

On this Saturday, I will talk about the cultural differences for some brave applicants who wanna go to Hungary as a volunteer in this summer.
So based on this issue, I thought it would be great if I can summarize my experiences here before I start to prepare my final presentation!

They are interested in the most shocking, most eye-opening differences what I had here in Greece in order to give them inputs to prepare somehow for their 6 weeks what they will spend in Hungary.

So about my life here, in Greece. I arrived on 7th of May and I spent my first 1,5 weeks in Athens. Then I moved forward together with my lovely 18kg-weighted suitcase to Patras, then after only 3 days to Thessaloniki. As I mentioned earlier my job here is to help the offices in AIESEC Greece, all over the whole country! What does it mean? Briefly: travel around this wonderful country and visit the top 3 biggest cites here!

To be honest, before I arrived, I wasn’t prepared for the journey and the shocks what I will have here. (Tell me if anyone felt that (s)he is prepared for any trip previously! I think it is impossible! But if you managed it, share with us immediately!) So after I landed in Athens, within 10 minutes I had at least 5 cultural shocks!

Before my travelling to here, of course, I searched for some information about this culture, and I got a lot of facts! For example: they have siesta in the afternoon, like any other Mediterranean countries. So everyone can expect that the shops are closed for the afternoon and in the evening reopen till midnight or at least 10PM.

As a passenger who have never been in any Mediterranean countries, my preconception was that in the afternoon the whole city will be shot down, and I will not see anyone on the streets. What was in the real life: ok, in night they are more active, it is true, but the life here is really similar to Hugnary from this perspective! People usually wakes up in the morning, goes to work or school, in the afternoon arrives home, takes a rest, then goes for a walk in the night, or for a coffee. Shops are open all day, the streets are full with cars and people. So that was a really false thought in my head!

What else did I think previously? I thought I need to eat a lot of fishes or seafood here because I heard that they eat a lot… However since I’m here, I haven’t eat any! Don’t forget that I’m working with students, and usually eat at University’s cafeterias! So ordinary and the real daily foods! And since I’m here, there was no meeting with that foods, fortunately!

I was 100% sure that even some like the above mentioned preconceptions, there will no huge differences for me, because we are all Europeans…

That is the first thing what you need to forget: stereotypes!

Even if I thought we are the same, I had some interested discoveries, what I will tell you in the upcoming post! Get ready, we have a lot!

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