The truth is that everyone gets out different things from the same situation. Same stimulus has different effect on everyone. We watch a movie together: my interpretation and yours will be different. You would learn different things from it than me. Thus the same education system can create a different learning process to each of every one of us…

From my perspective, about university I can say the followings:

  • Yes, did not take out the definitions or formulas of economic studies… No surprise: I have already forgotten all!
  • Although what stayed with me? A mindset that grantee to survive being in any competition in any field of life.
  • Also mastered how to seek and dig deep after information, and learn from everything till my last breath on Earth.

What the same university and course mean for my classmates? Well, it can be different. Yet for me it was all I needed to develop:

  1. Confidence: by mastering the university environment, participating different events/extracurricular activities I built up myself. Learned what is important for me, what drives me from the inside. It is also clear what are my strengths and weaknesses and what should I do to capitalize on them!
  2. Process Optimization:
    to identify the simplest ways – with less energy investment and quite small risk! No matter what situation, I can find a better approach to make it more successful in a less labor intense way. (Think about employing the lazy people: can help you find the best solutions! )
  3. Profit Maximization:  
    mastered the game of being a student! Got financial profit even! The aim is to learn about the system as much and as diverse as possible and then you will know how to make your moves in it to maximize your income! Scholarships, Fellowships, and all sort of opportunities are all around. Make your moves well and apply for as much as possible! Although keeping your cost low also needed!
  4. Power of Diversification:
    as business student I took classes from other faculties. Learned about the differences in thinking of an engineer, an English translator, an actor, a TV presenter etc. Quite useful to catch up fast with differently wired people, right? Especially when you need to lead a divers team or just be in one…
  5. Value of Hard work:
    writing plenty of thesis, run market researches, working part-time at a multinational company… There is no success without hard work, tears, sweat and pain. Although it matters the most to invest your energy wisely!
  6. Time management:
    scientific and professional activities + dating, hanging out with friends or parting 24/7? Possible! Everything has it’s time and place in a life of a uni-student. You learn to estimate time needs of every kind of activities, how to differentiate what is important, what’s urgent. Above all you can learn to be focused, organised to save time on what matters the most!
  7. Low budgeting:
    traveling abroad, festivals, restaurants, trendy clothes, savings? Yes, for even more from almost zero! You learn how to seek money from “investors” (aka your parents). How to rank your needs (today no lunch+dinner so I can buy a birthday present for my best friend) and how to cut your expenses with smart solutions.
  8. Practical:
    observed how to place all theories from classes into practice during my part-time job. What I mean is just try out everything in life you feel doing! Nothing is better teacher then experiencing.. Try to identify in real life what you learned or use it on your own environment. You can reorganize your kitchen based on lean practice you just learned at production management lectures..At school we learn about life. Everything you hear there it is to create, develop, control life elements or organize the mass around us.
  9. Multi-purposed activity:
    using one experience to reach goals in an other field of life. You should learn how to combine things. I was Marketing director at a local office of AIESEC and also about to finish a master course. How did I write my thesis? Combined the lack of market understanding of my office with the need to summit a university document. The results? Growth in product sales of the office with optimized marketing strategy + 4 (B) grade for my thesis.


Today’s education system may not make it easy for you to get the best out of it. Yet it is not impossible to make it an inspiring learning experience even if you think the education system is terrible in your country… It is only up to you!



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