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Half of the Millennials are complaining about Education- says the above chart from a youth-run global survey. Ok… It doesn’t say complain.. What it says exactly? 48% of the respondents care the most about Quality Education as they see this SDG 4 is the most burning issue nowadays. Let’s be honest. We have problems with it for sure, and yes we most likely talk about it too! 

I had the chance to meet, be in touch with youth from all over the world constantly during the last for 4 years. Also had visited 10+ countries where I worked close with youth on a daily basis. Discussion of the same topic popped up regularly: the current School System.

As every young person, I have heard, learned and read plenty of information about this topic. Experienced the Education System’s pros and cons in real life – I was working for multinational, S&M companies, nursery, non-profit and all sort of institutions in more than 7 countries already. While at university or as recent graduate I used to fall for the same trend and kept repeating the same cliches: blame and hate the Education System. 

It is comforting to name a faceless, huge power – what is difficult to make accountable – as the reason of your failure. Easier to say the followings, isn’t it? “The reason behind my failure? The system.” “Why am I not successful? The education system did not prepare me for life..” How many times you told these to yourself and to your environment?

By today I have developed a different mindset. I believe more in individual responsibility and it’s power to solve all issues on this planet. We all come to this world the same way and we will leave the same: from dust, to dust we will become again. We might have different opportunities or talents installed but we are united in one thing: the ability to survive, to improve, to fight, to succeed, to fail, and rewrite our own story… No matter which level of the social ladder you are standing. There’ll always be challenges personalized just for you. Ways to write your own success story is always available and provided by life in any circumstances!

We have seen amazing “zero to hero” characters of any nations in all field of life succeeding after a tough start of their lives. Or from a situation you would never expect them to reach where they are today:

  1. Howard Schultz – Starbucks
  2. Barack Obama – USA President 2008-2012, 2012-2016
  3. Oprah Winfrey – TV personality, America’s most generous philanthropists
  4. J.K. Rowling – writer of Harry Potter Books

We admire them all because of the ability to take responsibility over their own lives. They’re able to turn any negative situations into learning process and challenges into successes. As them, you are also a wonderful and well gifted creature on this world with a great potential to be unlocked. You also hold unlimited opportunities which are just waiting to you to finally wake up and act! 

If you are saying to yourself now, that your situation is endless, it is too terrible… Or anyhow try to convince yourself from the opposite. Trust in life, yourself and humankind. Even between the most painful circumstances, we have seen success grow over. There is this powerful story of a poet what is echoing in my mind in the last 10+ years when I am facing with challenging situations. His name is Miklós Radnóti.

One of the greatest poets of Hungary. Radnóti who was able to report about the terror of the Holocaust through his talent from the inside; while marching to death as Jewish. In an environment when you are treated by other humans on purpose like trash. They barley feed you, and force you to do things you would never imagine. Humiliate you and destroy your rights, and cut your access for anything on this world. Normally in these labor battalion services, no source of happiness or self actualization is available for you. The last tiny piece of hope is normally devastated. You are under high authority of the enemy in every moment of you life in those places. People are executed all around you and you are praying for end your life as soon as possible as it is better than being alive there. Dispute all, Radnóti was able to get the needed resources: paper, pencil and time in this situation to write the century’s greatest poetry under pressing circumstances! There is hope! Always!

One of his masterpiece: “Postcard 4”

I fell next to him. His body rolled over.
It was tight as a string before it snaps.
Shot in the back of the head- “This is how
you’ll end.” “Just lie quietly,” I said to myself.
Patience flowers into death now.
“Der springt noch auf,” I heard above me.
Dark filthy blood was drying on my ear.

No matter how unbearable the situation seems; humans are able to turn anything into success. Just need to take the responsibility over your own life, live up the opportunities life is providing to you in every moments. Because there truly are, even if it is limited sometimes…

Let me ask you after all: what is then quality education? What can prepare you for life? Help you develop skills to be successful? Especially nowadays, when everything is changing so unimaginable fast?

I do not deny that the current system should be shaped, and make it more flexible, inspiring, practical etc. I am aware of the amount of useless information they making us memorize day after day. I know how not equal is the measurement systems to label everyone based on the same scale. We all are unique, and deserve to be in an environment where we can#FindOurOwnLight. What I am saying is not to give up on developing a better Education System. I am saying whatever the situation is; you can make a way for yourself to take the best out of life! Who else can personalize the learning process better for you, then you, yourself?

Even if we have the best circumstances provided, all opportunities, the reason why we do not succeed is only that we do not want it. That is the ugly truth! Face with it: you do not want to be succeeded in your own life! If you want it really, you can find a way to create your own success story. Make it whatever as goal: a happy family, a big company, a lot of money, a flexible life, serving others, have a startup, open a library or become an activist fighting for environment…

Imagine a world where everyone learns to take every challenge as a teacher… Learn not to blame any circumstances… To identify opportunities fit them the most and act upon all! We need everyone to believe there can be happiness built after all rejection and pain. There is a valuable lesson in everything.

I believe even though our current Education System might not provide you the best learning journey, you should not continue to blame it. The world is shaped by people who are confident, determined, responsible and passionate. Who are brave enough to act upon their vision… Who are able to create and execute their own learning journeys and not waiting for any system to give them on sliver plate!

I want to see a world where individuals are growing constantly, using their gifts and making the world a better place! Youth which is not complaining, but acting upon opportunities to change the status quo with every day.

See SDG related volunteer positions where you can prove the world and yourself that the change is within us. You can work on SDG 4 to enable a better learning journey not just for yourself, but for the future generations too!

See my latest post about Skills I am grateful to learn at university.

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