9 Ways of Preparing for Job Hunting During Studies

We all, Youth, are heading there and sooner or later need to create our hardcore plan of Adult life!

When we are about to finish a major life period,  it is a little bit dark, bit scary, maybe exciting to some of us.. but clearly uncertain for sure!

In this post I intend to support you with some simple solutions you can do to avoid being unprepared to jump into the job market. It is important to highlight here that the most important is to ACT. The competition is getting more and more difficult on the job market. Especially in West Africa, where the youth population is growing in a large scale.. You do not want to narrow your chances to get a job! Better be competitive enough…

What simple tasks you can do weekly?

  1. Reading after the topic of job hunting: just go online when you are waiting for your class, or traveling in a car/bus and learn about how to find a job!
  2. Having discussions with your professors/parents/friends: anyone who can be credible source of information

What little more advanced tasks you can do regularly?

  1. research about YOUR COUNTRY and REGIONAL employment rate, and relevant statistics: dig deep online/offline and find insights to understand the labor market, job sector and the competition on the field  you study
    • how many students graduates with the same diploma then you?
    • how many jobs open in your field of studies for career starters?
    • what are the companies looking for to employ at the field of your studies?
  2. visit career development training where you learn how to… (… write a CV, motivation letter …prepare for interview …create your career plan? etc)
  3. search online for job fairs then visit them in your country, or the region: be expert and learn more about how to prepare for job fairs – prepare your CV, dress well, how to sell yourself etc.
  4. volunteer locally – search on AIESEC in your country, or simply reach out NGOs, orphanages.. anything interesting for you! Remember, experience collected as volunteer can help you position and sell yourself better. Besides will be extremely useful for you to learn about what do/don’t you like doing. With it you self-awareness can be mastered to ensure you find just the right career option!

What  advanced tasks you can do once in a while?

  1. Join AIESEC (or any) student run organisation: visit national/regional/international AIESEC conferences, participate in projects to develop competencies in action, what can complement your theoretical education journey with real life experience perfectly
  2. volunteer globally – visit and sign up on opportunites.aiesec.org website and browse for free all volunteer/internship opportunities all around the world.
  3. start your own business – use your personal network, internet, consultancy services to ensure you start smart and fast: don’t forget – do the right thing wrong is better then do the wrong thing perfectly!

In any case if you need advice from an experienced traveler, who has diverse work experiences in 7 countries in different type of organisations (from multi till NGO..) feel free to contact me!

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