Open your world

Open your world…
Well, we are in the 21th century and more precisely in 2018, so according to me it’s time to leave our comfort zone not just because we want to move but because we need to move.

We need to see the world, I mean the real world not the one journalists and politicians want to show to us but the world in it’s diversity.

This is not an example from a guy who’s intention to get everyone into loving Africa because he himself is an African. No! I just can’t imagine that there is someone somewhere who have in mind that Africa is just a jungle, a place where people live together with monkeys, lions and elephants; I mean if you are reading this post it mean you have internet like me so you can just check information about this continent.

Open your world, because most of these people who are afraid to travel in Africa certainly have at least one friend, colleague, parent, child, sibling, cousin or any kind of relative who has already came in Africa. So based on simple logic: how that person get to a plane from Europe, America, Asia etc to a jungle? How that person can be online during his/her stay in Africa and keep sharing pictures of him/her in restaurants, pool, beaches etc? How that European president, friend, relative of your’s can survive in the jungle?

Open your world, for sure everything is not perfect here, because these pictures of kids with fly all over their mouth are real, yes these rebellions, revolutions and some difficult situations are real but like any person or any country this continent have it challenges and at the same time many many amazing cultures, love, hospitality and respect to give to the world.

Open your world!
I’m Kevin BAH, I’m 100% African from one of the most beautiful and kind country of west Africa. I traveled in 7 different countries in this continent and most important I met, some Europeans, Asians and Americans in different countries in Africa and it was an amazing experience for all of them because none of them lived in a jungle, none of them meet a monkey and human living together on the street, and none of them went through stress about visa processes.

I promise you that for your first trip in Africa(my country) I will bring you in a cool Mc Donald or Burger King- I promise you that I will bring you for a tour in a taxi boat. I promise that I’ll bring you to visit one of the most biggest basilica in the world. My last promise to you and it’s funny; I’ll bring you in the zoo and I’m 100% sure that you will see less type and quantity of animals than in the zoo of your country.

Open your world because our differences give more value to the world and differences should be source of curiosity not a reason of fear. See you soon over here!

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