Blossoming May | changes shall be forced

Sometimes we can either prepare for or gain control over external stimulus forcing us to change in everyday life but more often we have insignificant influence when facing them. Minor change sometimes just happens out of a the blue. I mean, you know, we do not really give this process of change a serious thought.

For example  I used to love collecting designed paper serviettes when I was a child, or loved drawing but you can not see any of these in my life today. The matter of fact about 20+ years ago I stopped – among many other habits, duh’ – these stuff. I can not even remember the process how it had happened that once something such significant driver of my life just changed. I am pretty sure you can help me out here with some alterations from your life you kind of have not even noticed happening…

What about the other side of it? You know when you on purpose wanna bring in some changes to your life? ehhh.. If you are somewhat like me, or any other average human beings, that is a real struggle to promise for yourself (or someone significant) a habit change in the complete awareness of knowing – most probably- sooner or later you gonna letting it go. You kind of get tired of the realization how much you have to use conscious effort to push the promised change through your life. Ok, that is true that sometimes it just works out simply seemingly effortless from some lucky people… or is it? I guarantee that big@ss differences are rough to pull through. You gonna have ups and downs no matter how rich, good, talented, motivated or whatever you are. Well, that is how life is designed, isn’t it so pleasing? -.-

Great people know better then average because they build in consciously some changes through self-discipline in their lives to reach their goals. Look at this. Sounds fun, right? Change->self-discipline—————-> goal. I just put 2 things into one sentence what I basically have zero idea about:

  1. having a goal – I was always a kind of floater with just a tiny spice of vision and great drive of the wish of reaching peace and justice on this earth.
  2. practicing self-discipline – God  knows only how many times I have attempted to bring into my life a diet, regular exercise or develop some new skills like controlling emotions in heavy situations… Fact is I’ve quit from many things already.

Although facing with changes… If I am expert-ing something in life it must be change. As a “resident” of multiply continents and countries over the last 4 years, it is massive anti-monotonic life style. Clear to see that some type of changes are seemingly welcomed in my life. I basically live from my suitcase and move to a new place in average every .. what?.. 2 months? So yeah I guess point – for a certain level – is proven!??

What is a question for me then? Well, I guess is to learn to ‘force’ through some changes I feel needed in life. One of this I decided to promise to myself is to post my thoughts about a topic every single day in May 2018.


  1. It’s been always a kind of vision of myself to have this blog filled with content and learn more about what the world thinks about the ways I am thinking…
  2. I have this feeling that writing is going to be something I can rely on in the future for my next job and to expert it I need to think like a pro: start and practice, practice, practice.
  3. I have plenty of free-time in my current job and zero better ideas to do.. :D ok, I am kidding. but seriously: I know if something makes me happy, is to actively spend my time, act, do, work… that sparks passion in me and bring happiness into my life and that passion is highly missed at the moment…

Let us see how far I can get with this?! :)

Wish me luck please! :)

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