Our Inner Creating Power

One of the core particles of human nature which was with us from the beginning of humans is the power to create. It also initiates -inside us- the need to thrive for more, the intention to make things better, to develop, to invent and to generate. The day we were formed, we have been gifted with the ability of creating growth in and around us.

I believe that as long as we care for life we will feel this creating power inside. Sometimes hidden, sometimes dying, more often with questionable motives but I am pretty sure God blessed everyone with this amazing opportunity that any point of our lives we can just embrace this built-in mechanism. Even if  it was used -more often ‘self-‘ destructively, there is a way for us to turn it around.

Obviously anything can be used for bad or good purposes, among them this huge inner creating power of ours too. Some days we found ourselves in a position where we neglect our productive side, our originating energies. Not too surprising thou, as our current social system highly advising us to get less -mentally- involved in creating, and more involved in consuming.. Anyhow…

Today I was wondering about the life of a stone aged man. It came to my mind because I was procrastinating basically the last 6 months. I was always finding excuses whenever my creative energy wanted to manifest into something. For example to get into writing I told to myself that I have to pay an education on 415 pounds cost. I mean obviously I will need it later on if I want to master it, but they can not teach me for the love of writing no matter how much they try if it is not coming from the inside. Isn’t it? So while I was listing out new things I have to buy: macbook, ipad, applepen and a journalism education, I completely forgot that no matter what amateur level I start, I just have to do it. How else I can get to maser a skill or continue on the journey of getting passionate, if I have never even started anything I was interested in? 

Passion comes from actions, and not the opposite. We mostly have an inner interest and drowning towards something what provides a kick off for any activities, but passion is something you built up by doing it. And not just happens to appear in your life. Well for sure passion is not coming without making yourself invested in the subject of your initial interest.

So I was thinking about a prehistoric man, and how they were incredible creatures capitalizing on their God-given creative energies. They had absolutely nothing in the begging. They did not need any company to produce for them anything. They figured it out. Well I am aware that I am oversimplifying this entire process of the development of the homo-sapiens.

Actually I just want you to, for a moment, be in the ‘shoes’ of the first humans. They had what they found on earth. So that it is, they created, reinvented, re-purposed and so on until we are where we are today. Is it that simple from this perspective of examining our inner creating power. Obviously there were many other factors needed and just a little of 17,000 years to get here. The point is, it started, and it evolved. Basic.

Do not take me wrong: I have nothing to do with history, or anthropology or any sciences like that. I am just a girl, feeling down because I don’t feel that I am by the current lifestyle fulfilling my potential. Therefor all I wanted to do, to re-frame my situation to stop me procrastinating. Isn’t this fact that these first humans, and actually many people today, can make something out of nothing, or from barley anything? So why are we who have so much, just simply fail to connect the dots and the same way create, invent, start something bigger then us?

I wanna be a successful entrepreneur. And my time is passing by.. It is already 11 years ago I have started university and 4 years already fly away since I closed my last semester at master. I can’t believe that I am still just waiting for something to happen or be bought, or learned to finally reach the business success I always wanted in my life.

I am grateful for the creator/universe/luck – call it anyhow – that I was reminded today who we really are: someones with unimaginable creative energies. I am glad this happened to me, as it is confirming that what I have started as effort in tiny doses, pumping energies to my creative side every single day, is worth it.


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