Change won’t Come by Simply Wanting it

Some days we feel the need of change in our lives. Some days we feel motivated enough to start for example a new habit… but more often we pass time by waiting. Waiting for someone, or something to come and help us. Although if we look around most of the time we already have exactly everything what we need. It is not enough just to want for the change. Certainly it is a good start.

I kept waiting, thinking I would do something to change my circumstance. Do something. But I never did. It’s awful waste, you can never get it back…wasted time. – Elizabeth Abbott said this in the movie called The curious case of Benjamin Button.

This line really struck me. As I had mentioned before I have this feeling about change. When active energy gets into me it is always foregone by kind of depression stage or deep dissatisfaction inside me. I need to feel utterly uncomfortable in my circumstances to be firstly filled by the creative spirit and to be stimulated to carry out some changes in my life.

In my case thinking I would do something actually helps a lot in the process. I keep reflecting on myself, my decisions and analyzing my environment. And some days or even months passing by doing my usual rounds, when suddenly I am there. I am in the edge of moving. Most of the time, days like this happen and eventually I do nothing with the energy.

Have you ever had these moments of break through? And it followed by nothing? It is mostly because you are not uncomfortable enough with the situation I guess… Or it is still the preparation phase of getting there.

So what can you do to get yourself to the tipping point?

  1. Analyzing/Visioning: you will not be instantly doing actions unless you are accompanied by a coaching crew with motivators in it every moments of your time. So just give it a little time, and keep visioning where you wanna go, what would make you happier/satisfied. Do not forget to reality-check :  what you have, and what you need to enable success. Do not let anyone, even yourself to discourage you while fighting for what you believe would make you feel fulfilled in life!
  2. Get support: while it is true that mostly you will be by your own in this process, especially at first, when you realize you are not happy with something around you… You will be feeling low, and desperate a lot… Just let it sink in. It happens with everyone. So it is good to have some support around and to have others to ask about some outsider’s perspective.
  3. Learn to Explain (even to yourself): I tend to just discuss basic life topics with friends or even random people on public transport. Like what do I do? And somehow I end up explaining my vision. So the more I practice to explain the better I get the full picture about myself, and my wishes of future life. Sometimes I end up all surprised because I did not know that feeling or idea was in me until I had to tell about it… You know, when things are unconsciously bugging you. These things are not always on the surface until you carry them there..
  4. Talk to yourself/God: it is good to involve externals, but not always you can talk about deep personal things with others. So just talk to yourself and keep visioning what you want. If you are a believer, just keep praying, and asking God to help you. Be careful with promises, but start to prepare them in mind.
  5. Look around you: what do you have already? What are you interested in or what have you always been drowning towards? Is there a friend coming back to you with the same business idea every two years? Is it a course you seen a year ago but thought it is not for you? Well just get after the things what make sense to you around you! You don’t need to commit to anything yet, just gather information, figure out details. See if it feels right to go after it? How is your mind and body react on it? I am highly intuitive so mostly I know something is right without actually having a logical reason for it…
  6. Testing: Now you are ready to Go: break it to the smallest tasks ever and just keep adding them onto your everyday‘s regular ToDo list and tick them out. Not big deals, just small ones.
  7. (Get a team: I noticed on myself that I tend to get more responsible towards my vision if I am part of a team. I like to be accountable and feel responsible for my part of the job which always giving me extra motivation.)
  8. Set small deadlines: if you are anything like me, deadlines will push you. I know self-set deadlines won’t help because you can cheat on them.. But just try to find ways to put a time limit on the vision because the bad news here is we only live every moment of this life once. So you kinda need to figure your life purpose out as we are “on a clock” on this earth. For me for example a friend put a time limit. He told me out of nowhere, about 8-9 years ago that “I wanna be around you when you will be ~32, because that will be the time when you fulfill your potential” His lines are in me echoing whenever I don’t find the motive to make things happen…
  9. Make new habits: you can start to consciously make an effort to create new habits leading towards your vision. I started for example with thinking to get into writing way back like 15 years ago. Then I started this blog in 2014, 1-2 posts/year. Now I get through all above points and felt the willingness for action inside me, drowning me towards blogging, talking others etc… so I decided to try out a promise: post every single day in may. So I can actually make writing into something like “breathing”… So here I am practicing and skill building. Keep challenging yourself with always a bit bigger bite, one step at a time.
  10. Reality check:how are you feeling? is it what you wanted? Then scale it up! Have you already quit? Well maybe it is not the right time, or not the right thing to looking forward doing.. Keep searching, because I am sure with constant scanning for opportunities eventually you will find the one for you!

Don’t buy into mediocrity : invest effort, keep faith because every single human is special. We all have unique skill set and interests which we deserve to be fulfilled. Dig deep and try. It is better then die without even attempting to succeed. Anyway failure is actually a road to success. Doing nothing significant or important for yourself will end up giving you regrets.

Does it make any sense for you? How is your creative energy activated? What do you need to go through before you start putting effort into something? Did I miss a step? Let me know please in comment or find my contacts here.

12 thoughts on “Change won’t Come by Simply Wanting it

Add yours

    1. Thank you Moudilou for reading and feedbacking me, I’m happy you loved it! I’m hoping you are in the -“scale up” your passion-project phase right now 🙏🏼💛 wish you all the very best dear! Keep rocking it 🙏🏼👏🏼

    1. Thank you Patrick for reading and commenting! And thanks for accepting the challenge to translate my posts to French! Welcome in the crew Patric and I am looking forward to see you benefitting from this change and how our blog will skyrocket 😍💛😘

  1. i really like the article on the points 1 and 9. #Do not let anyone, even yourself to discourage you while fighting for what you believe#. It is one of my principle.

    1. Thanks Bernis. I do agree sometimes we tend to hold ourselves back with many excuses what are mostly rooting in fear from rejection. I hope to encourage people to fulfill their potential by showcasing my story how I proceed with #findmyownlight. I hope it can help others to stay in fight to better there circumstances. 🙏🏼
      Keep sharing guys I really appreciate your thoughts 😘💛

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