UpSkilling by 2020

As I am searching for the best possible ways to make my vision a reality, I tend to bump into some guidelines aiming to help us figure out the future of humanity. Such one is the World Economic Forum’s Job Report. Let us analyze together how the world expect to up-skill it’s collective competencies by the year 2020.

Here are the top 10 skills will be most hunted in 2020 by employers. Meaning these are the key factors will certainly be needed to run our societies, economies – basically our world. Moreover I think these are the ones humanity must have in order to shape our futures for the better.

For first, these are all almost super complex competencies, containing a lot of different skills under each of them. Like try to explain People Management to anyone, you will end up using skills like: leadership, strategic thinking, communication, empathy etc. Secondly, obviously the world is shifting and some skills are getting out of our sights from the 2015 list. That doesn’t mean they are not needed at all. They are just losing their key role and not gonna be as searched by employers as before.

It seems like from 2015 by 2020 we, humanity on average, expect to learn to take control over quality and to listen actively, as they are getting lower in priority and losing their position in the top 10. It seems like they became less important because I guess they are not going to be needed the same ways anymore in society. Why? We integrated them into our everyday lives already (work ethics, business code, economy, law making etc.), or just simply expected to have different problems to face with in the economy/society which will require different skill-set more likely.

The 2 newly introduced top 10 skills they predict to be keys are emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility. Let’s just not get into the Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technological developments which are happening unstoppable in this very moment.. Although I quest these newly prior skill-needs are correlating highly with AI and VR. I mean robots can not (yet) have hearts, and feel like us, right? So whatever jobs they will take over, humans still should be doing the heart part: emotional intelligence.

Cognitive flexibility I believe it is highly needed first hand because of the rapid change we are going through and we are still waiting to face with. Just in the last 4 years with all these apps, and mobile technology, SEO, and 3D priting etc… So everyone on this earth should be working on expanding their mental flexibility, agility and adaptation skills. If you wish to be successful in near future, in individual or business level, you have to be highly agile. Mastering acceptance of change, moreover building up pro-activity is the key.

There is this famous quote from Mr. Henry Ford, the inventor of Ford car’s T-model, and first to use production line in a factory: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Evidently people are horrific in explaining what they want. We are excellent thou in complaining, isn’t it? :D But seriously speaking. It is ironical that Ford lived over a century ago, and by today we are there to make a use as humanity, of what he intended to mean with this above mentioned line. Our future (success) is equally depending on understanding of the real needs of humankind, and to innovate the best available solution for that need. I think that is mainly why emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility should be the ones we collectively develop the most in this period. I think the first is key to understand that people’s real need is to get from A to B faster and more comfortably. While the second skill is key to think out of the box and invent a car instead of developing better horses.


Well this report is from 2015 or 16, so basically we are already halfway trough towards 2020. Should really evaluate ourselves and where we are so far on this road as collectively and as individually both worth a moment to spare. What are your thoughts about our progress? The upskilling is working in general? Are these the key skills humankind really need?

But before I let you go, just a crazy thought stuck in my mind: One of the most popular job field, and well hunted employee is IT nowadays, right? I am not a high-tech person so I do not even know the top innovations on the field, but imagine just for a moment that AI takes over IT jobs. Google Personal Assistant can already call in your name to make an appointment for you. Right now in 2018. I mean….Whaaaaaaat? So AI has clearly the analytical skill, speed, flexibility and agility to learn. Why not, one day, they will learn coding and take over that part of the job market too?

They clearly have the capacity to multitask even, so would definitely be better in developing new, actually more wanted mobile apps, software or whatever solutions for people. In this scenario, while analyzing the big data about us, AI is searching for our everyday life issues, where humankind need solution with an app for example. So AI would analyze need, create the solution and code the app while at the same time already promoting it to us through digital marketing. I don’t know if you could follow me but basically I am saying AI which can learn this complex process would reduce research and development, even sales time dramatically. Ergo, could potentially be better employee then any IT person, and would cost even less to develop a new product. When it will happen? Who knows? Maybe those choosing IT as field of studies for university in 2018, are gonna be jobless after actually finishing it.

Also questions can be asked: What kind of speed it would make the change happen in our lives? We are barely catching up to follow this current rapid speed… What do you think, how would we actually arrange our societies, and economy to handle that change what an AI can dictate?

3 thoughts on “UpSkilling by 2020

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  1. This is very instructive.

    I have never thought that one day the possibility of AI to take over coding. But actually in Africa we should wait for two or three decades (lol)
    Thanks for writing

  2. Thanks for reading dear! Actually until yesterday when I wrote this it was true for me too… but honestly, this age everything is possible. I just read that scientists created embryos without the ovum and sperm… crazy!!!

    We are in the edge of an other industrial revolution for sure…

    About Africa I believe it is the future and not in 2-3 decades later 😂🙈

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