Are You Lucky?

Is it you, or a friend of yours who tends to always win in any kind of life situations? Someone who seemingly -without any efforts invested- gets great results due to his/her constant luck. Are these people really just lucky, blessed or they are actually working hard and using their well earned competencies in these kind of situations to achieve? What do you think? Did these people just fortunately get the best cards in the game?

I am sure everyone has ex classmates complaining constantly about not preparing for any exams (and it is not a lie from them) but scoring the best grades every single time because the professor asked the one topic they actually remembered? Someone, who gets into a government sponsored scholarship with only a few lucky points for a last minute submitted application when you constantly prepared your studies around it since you submitted your collage application? Or someone who is able to avoid miraculously some horrible accidents on the road with a millisecond when the next one is hit? Or even like – accidentally – almost put on fire a big pile of paperwork at their office due to a faulty desk lamp and nearly setting the fire-alarm? Which would – by the way – pour water all over the business materials and computers and personal items of over 300 people? And doing all this as a barely paid university student part-time employee…

I can carry on with this list forever from my life. Yes, all this happened to me and many-many more serious luck situations did. With this last example, I swear to you guys, I have seen my life passing by in front of my eyes. I could have ended up in jail.. But definitely my life would have turned around for bad, real bad, if I had damaged 300+ computers, and whatever: like millions of money worth office…  I can be grateful to universe and praise God (what I actually do a lot). I know I avoided, due to my fortunate life, many times to break my neck or back even, when I was falling over my head due to horrible riding skills of mine. Whatever I used, I tend to every time -at least once- fall on my head with motorbikes, pitbike, BMX, my skates or skateboard. I mostly broke my arms or ankle or just crashed my face. Trust me after tremendous occasions of practicing falling, I still haven’t learned how to do it with professionalism. So these situations getting paralyzed were definitely avoided because I was extraordinary fortunate and God protected me. 

We tend to blame bad fortune when something horrible happens to us, like a plane leaves without us; but we are quicker to judge a random stranger that he possibly was without the right skills to get there in time. He might didn’t wake up early enough, or forgot something at home, or just didn’t do something well. Although if it is with us, we tend to blame either luck or someone else for the bad results.

If we get into the best universities or jobs it is 100% because of we are super talented. In the contrary if it is someone else getting a super job, that person must knew someone, or was the boss’s son, or the person just got lucky. Isn’t it interesting?

I am without doubt that many cases my luck got me where I am. Although I am a huge believer of hard work too. I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I wouldn’t do hard work to get progress in life. If suddenly, for example, I would win the lottery.. I don’t even know what I would do? Well, ok I know it.. I would start instantly my open office/startup hall project across West Africa from my foundation and support young social entrepreneurs. Start my hard work to build this dream from scratch but with tons of lottery money. :D That would be so much easier, right?

I learned 2 things from my dad: never land to anyone or loan money from anywhere, and always tell the truth. The first kind of telling me the money/stuff/success which came easily or great result from half done job, is actually not yours. It is not the same way valuable then when you actually work your @ss off for it. So I am not saying that if someone would be about to offer me straight away tons of money I wouldn’t accept it.. :D I am just saying I like to earn what I have. And obviously we all are like this about ourselves. And less likely with others. We can always blame they were just lucky.

So what my point was, is that while we can some days have luck to get us to the right place, we also equally need to work hard and struggle most of the time. And the same time when we evaluate someone’s life, can’t just use only luck to explain their success. Even if it is highly seeming like fortunate situation, the same way we could appear lucky even if we were sedulous. Therefore just remember to always add the skill-set and other factors in the equation.

What are your thoughts about it? Share it in comment, or send me private here.

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