Don’t Give Up Even If It Hurts

It’s been 18 days I promised to myself I will post every day this month. The first 10 days were fluid. I mean, thoughts and articles just flew out of me without any struggles. I felt motivated and strong about my commitment.

The fact is, like anything else in life, being truly engaged to something is the key. I heard somewhere that being committed, like getting public or investing a little money in it to make it serious, actually cuts down the mental efforts of making decisions about the same topic every day. Meaning is that when you chosen for real only ONE WAY, or you pledged yourself to an idea/plan you won’t be saving time if you keep continuously the every day negotiations of do it or no? Worth it, or not? Do I really want it or no? Etc.

If you commit for real to be a vegetarian you will know 100% there is no way to eat meat. You won’t stand in front the steak house and trying to negotiate with yourself. First of all, that should clearly state you were -in the first hand- not really committed. Secondly, if this negotiation happens every day it will waste way too much mental energy which clearly will take too much from your side and just make you back up from your original plan.

What can you do? It’s barley impossible to avoid the temptation for moments of set backs. You will feel the need to play these mental games of negotiating that; “ok I’ll just eat the meat soup but not the meat itself..” you will convince yourself with reasons for sure, because you are good in arguing and influencing yourself. That is even useless to hope for no temporary weakness of will. You just need to acknowledge the possibility of this will happen and take a stand: continue!

Although what can help is to no matter what is your inner argument, if you are truly committed, you need to push through the original decisions.

The same happened to me today. When I started this mental negotiation that I am too tired, I don’t feel like writing, I can write tomorrow morning and then evening again… or I can just skip nobody will notice it. I am even without inspiration and on the road, with family drinking wine… it’s just not a good idea to continue with my original promise.

That moment I just realized the why if my original decision; here is not perfection of articles what matters to me right now. I was challenging myself with the attitude to tell a story every day, or post something to draw my attention here. I wanted myself committed to care about this blog every single day enough to post. Then I quickly made myself available, put my smile on, and started to empty my heart here in this post.

Because I believe building up a habit and it will always be a hard work, and will always be challenging but doesn’t need to be waste of time as constant mental negotiation. It can be fruitful instead and I’m in the lead to decide what I’m using my own time and life for; building useful habits or setting back to comfort?!?

Just get out there and make it happen. Instead of inner fighting with yourself and feeling remorse over that you broke a serial of 18 days and a promise to your very own self again. Just get this argument stop in it’s very starting point and tell to yourself: the decision had been made already, I just need to follow.

I encourage everyone to #findyourownlight and follow it with all your mental power. 💪🏼

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