Let’s Talk About Truth

“Truth, wisdom, learning, and understanding are worth paying money for. They are worth far too much to ever sell.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭23:23‬ ‭ERV‬‬

Everyone is searching for the truth in life. Indeed, the only point of our existence is this unstoppable feeling of need to explain why we are here and what’s the point of life.We experience life in billion different shapes. We also describe the why of our very owns in uncountable amount of ways.We are all truth-seekers. Some people searching for justice for themselves, cure for their family members, purpose for their lives or just a next five year goal to hold on a bit more in that sh.ty job…We are untiringly looking into sciences and religions to find the answer since humankind exists. The more we search and look for the truth is getting more and more complicated.We all have our own truth assembled by our adulthood about ourselves, our environment and every other person in it. Everyone tries to explain life along the roads of their own experiences. Even the same situation would be told differently, right? There is no such one side of any human story and the more the observes involved the more the description of the happening will be bended by the filters of our senses, mind and emotions.Although the irony is that at the same time of creating 7 billions different truths about the same earth, we all share THE ONE truth. Every human has inside this eternal truth from birth to death. The question is if we ever will be able to all see it at the same time, all 7 billions?What’s your truth? What are your thoughts?I’m watching an amazing serial called 13 reasons why, I suggest everyone to have a look…

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