Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I was in absolute need of stop worrying about my tomorrow morning flight, when I’ve accidentally bumped into and carefully read an excellent article. I would like to summarize it here along with my presentation of the current unnecessary anxiety I’m experiencing.

I tend to turn to Bible first in need of comfort when something is eating me from the inside. One of my reoccurring topic is worry.

“Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭ERV‬‬

I’m a highly blessed person in terms of when I ask it is quite often given. Thank God for this support and care. 🙏🏼 So as usual, today under the completely useless stress of the upcoming flight from Budapest to Abidjan I turned to and asked God for help. He instantly provided.

Most of the inconveniences and worries usually come from the followings when I am flying to a place. Especially traveling to somewhere where I really wish to be and also when lots of money have been invested:

  • Not having enough local currency to manage transport or feeding while airports: a friend just handed me a few Hungarian money almost right after I was asking God for help.🙏🏼
  • Not finding the proper means of transport to get to the airport: although I had my cousin to drop me for the nearest airport shuttle bus departure place an other friend randomly offered me to pick me and all 2 giant luggages with car and drop me early morning tomorrow straight to the airport. 😍👏🏼✈️
  • Packaging properly: I have already two suitcases fully prepped by the help of my mum and her boyfriend around 3 days ago… 🙈 I’m always super early if it’s a highly important event like getting to my beloved continent. But always worried about Airport restrictions if I ever forget something, or not prepare it well…
  • Forgetting something: I have double checked all documents and needed information about luggage sizes, weight, connecting flights etc. and all seems good still for the 1,000,000th time. I even checked my earlier flight in January to ensure everything is gonna be ok. Flying with the same company, same flight form Paris, same suitcases I used earlier and even the hours remained for transit in Paris is the same. So theoretically all should be good 🙏🏼

Although I still was stressed because I haven’t sit down before to think through my case realistically. According to this article I just read after my cry for help to God, which somehow made this whole negative mood switch, I found comfort. So I wanted to suggest to any of you who is in a worry and in need of instant relief to follow:

“Worry is nothing but excess energy being put to poor use. So how can we rechannel it for constructive ends? Here is my approach in a nutshell:

1. State what you are worried or overly concerned about.
2. State the cause or reasons for your concern.
3. State all the possible outcomes beginning with the worst case scenario.
4. State all the different ways to deal with the issue.
5. Select the best option and act on it.”

  1. wake up and get there in time, have all suitcases dropped without issues, get all well with hand luggage, have local cash to pay for food in need, find the connecting flight in time and have the entry to the country (all papers to collect my electric visa in Ivory Coast). Airfrance is often on strike nowadays: almost every week what can also effect… and also airport buses in Budapest are effected by the holiday on Monday…

  2. Most of the time extra costs can occur and I’m broke… this is too expensive flight to not be prepared and from any reasons lose it. Also inconveniences like delayed flight or stay over or difficulties carrying all luggages across the city…

  3. Worst case is to be turned back from any point or rejected taking suitcase or pay extra for any luggage or miss any flight or lose any items.

  4. Can call embassy, can buy new tickets later, or visa or anything. Can buy new stuff if it’s lost… Actually at this point I realized that nothing can be a problem because there is always a way to solve. If I can’t pay with my few GBP cash on hand I can find an exchange place and take the horrible airport rate and pay for extra luggage or if it’s only bank card (mine the balance is £10 which wouldn’t cover) I can always find someone as random stranger who can use his/her card to pay and I cash it. But in my case I will even have friend with me at the airport as last minute she offered to come, so… even simpler.

  5. Money and things are not that important that my over concern made it look like. Obviously would be sad and inconvenient any of the worst case scenarios but non is the end of the world so I just gonna go and have a calm sleep right now 😅😂

So crazy I write and have many thoughts about worry, change and even I can say I’m so much experienced in stress management and situations around traveling. Although some cases like today I am just in need for an external article and for prayer to calm me

by the way on 22/05/2018 – so one day after tomorrow flight of mine – is called for air strike inFrance… 🙏🏼🙏🏼😅

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