Raining Season in Abidjan

Today I just need to complain πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

I love being in Abidjan but this weather is serious. So now as it’s the raining season, we have rainfalls every night, multiply times.

Noooo noooo, I have to stop you; this is not the relaxing sound of a rainforest you used to listen when wishing to fall asleep.

Take a look, if you still don’t believe me that rain can appear something opposite than calming sleeping sound:

Would you like to sleep while listening for this? For hours?

And the noise is not even the problem here. What do you think why is the complete blackness on the video? Well, for starter it’s probably because I recorded only the voice thinking I can add voice note here and just later realized that only video.. so I quickly made it into a video. but let me tell you that the actual footage of a recording would look the exact same. Why? as for the first drop of rain our electricity is normally cut.

If you are wondering why is it bothering me that we don’t have light over night when normally everyone is sleeping? I would like to remind you that it is extremely hot here. We have fan and we have AC too because I’m a spoiled girl. I mean not in Ghana nor in Benin for over a year I had AC. Had I needed it? Hell, yeah!! Are you crazy? It’s like ~30 Celsius and the humidity is insane. I had to take a look because even myself I didn’t Trust in my very own senses so if you don’t believe me either here it goes a print screen from right now:

Although I must comment that the 40% chance of rain a bit underestimation for tonight appearenrly πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ And the feels like 25 part seems a bit false too. I don’t know who felt it to determine it 25. Ask me I’ll tell you now it’s 30 but give it like a half hour and will turn to 35. Yuppi!!! I’m gonna sweat again until the point I’ll be swimming in it instead of comfortably sleeping.

Ok ok ok… this is still just a better Hungarian summer night, where accidentally you forgot to pay your electricity bill. What is the reason I am complaining you could ask again?

You know who loves hot and humid weather with lots of paddles to raise “babies” and multiply? You guessed well: Mosquitoes! And here these little annoying bastards not just stunk you and will be more itchy and painful then in Europe but can potentially kill you by infecting you with Malaria. I got it once in Benin I was sick for like 5 days. I never felt that horrible ever in my life. Your joints and body is constantly in pain. You have insane high fever with sweats and suddenly the next moment you are feeling cold and shaking… you can’t eat. Don’t even want to look at food. I swear I hadn’t left my bed more then 7 times during that 5 days because the only thing I wanted is to lay down/sleep. I barley could move my arms I was that weak… so I learned since that it is better to avoid making friends with mosquitoes.

But how if this time when I kill one single mosquito around 10 comes and take over from him? I still can’t figure out how they manage to come near my body, take comfortable their dinner with 100 quests without A) waking me up and B) despite the fact I have mosquito net, and repellant non stop on me? I mean they must be in the mosquito equivalent of Hogwarts??!

And to move on to the next mornings?!? Water is everywhere. Not the way that you just get around it but it’s like you need to learn swimming to get through the road.. πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ

Many times in Benin I remember we were kind of blocked in the house and the road in front of it. So it happened quite often that I tried to get out to find food but it just didn’t seem worth the struggle of getting though the huge paddle so I turned back disappointed to call for support among my team mates…

Although still I can tell you I wouldn’t change any part of my experience for anything as these are just circumstances and unimportant rubbish comparing to the quality of the human connections, relationships I had the chance to built. Or the feeling when you reconnect to Mother Nature as well as to your real ancient human side.

By the way is that me or Abidjan is the hottest capital on the coast among the other cities I have had the chance to stay in: Accra, Lome, Cotonou, Lagos?

2 thoughts on “Raining Season in Abidjan

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  1. It’s true many things to complain, I never experience something like that, but this post feels like you were enjoying living those experiences, Africa has to be amazing! :)

    1. Hey Luis, thanks for reading me. Actually I have too much love for Africa to be discouraged by these kind of inconveniences. πŸ˜‚ you should come and join me here in Ivory Coast and discover this life and maybe develop love for the continent too?!? πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌ
      I’m here till mid July so you are welcomed my friend πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΌ

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