Simple Happening Brings Much Happiness

Some days our eyes are just closed for simple things which potentially would bring happiness. Although other times even the tiniest positive happenings we won’t miss to notice. With that, we allow even the smallest event to add an extra impulse of joyfulness to our lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live every moment with this constant openness or “child-like” acceptance and gratitude?

Have you ever wondered about why it is like this? Same happenings but different mental reactions occur in us. Obviously our temporary mood has something to do with filtering our environment. As well as what quality of thoughts are currently occupying our minds have also a huge deal in determining what will get through our senses from the external world too. If we have troubles and fears in mind we will possibly ignore many things. Moreover our momentary mental pre-setting will also highly regulate how we will interpret a situation and what instant reaction will that happening be followed.

That casual walking on the same road going back home from shop/work/school can be just an other boring part of the day. Yet another time you will just feel so content with the colors of nature, or the wonderful melody the birds are singing. You won’t be getting enough from the touch of the sweet first sunshine of spring. Or even the smell of the rain would fill your heart with gladness.

Today I had the chance to participate in a birthday celebration of a woman in Abidjan. She is the aunt of my African husband-to-be. I was not in the mood of a family gathering, as in general I never really are, but I went anyway. And I thank God. It gave me so many tiny events which were filling me with joy.

I absolutely love:

  • the joyful colors on the African clothing.
  • The way Africans can enjoy themselves
  • And the music (sometimes even despite the horrible sound system and loudness)
  • The way people here are happy to share even the small bite-sized cake with random street kids (really expensive it here, count as luxury)
  • When they leave their main (fish/meat/egg) last and eat all the side dish first from their dish with enjoyment.
  • When they are dancing from their hearts, no matter their age.
  • How they enjoy the small talks I am capable of delivering in French. Even when it consists basically from different ways of greetings but they applauding me whenever I make an effort even if it’s just repeating the same things over again and again.
  • Love when the child falls asleep on the back of the mother…

There are so many tiny things I noticed today made me smiling and delighted. Maybe if it would have been on an other day I would just be noticing the heat, the mosquitoes, the sand in my shoes or that I ate too much and it will be adding extra size around my hip again.

To say goodbye here are some pictures from the event I participated today. I hope it will add joy to your day too, as you look closely and will be noticing the tiny details I highlighted above from this rare moment filled with contentment “once” of my life. The simple things which brought happiness to me today.

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