Iโ€™m in Abidjan for a Week Now ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

It’s been already a week left since I have arrived to Abidjan and I’m living for it. Every moment was so far amazing.

The main highlights are obviously the moments I have spent with my boyfriend and his family. Starting with all showing up at the airport on my arrival ๐Ÿ˜ then all the breakfast my love made for me every single day. The beautiful wall decoration he made for me:

Our times when we prep, shoot, cut and edit his and my videos. And the party his aunt had last Saturday which was epic. Above these I got so much love from people who are reading my blog which makes me super happy too. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜˜

Beside all wonderful moments, I have one more extra making my heart fly. I have started to support a local English course provider entrepreneur with organisation development and marketing advices. And will obviously join in for English teaching too. Things are going so far so good and I’m really enjoying to get back to the field I am really loving after my full time job in the UK. As much as I respect the profession of care taking especially ever since myself I joined the field in a position of Personal Care Assistant. Although as much I learned to respect those who are in this area of work, it is kind of clear that I’m not the best person for the job… I mean I am hardly taking care of my own physical needs sometimes ignoring my body. Sometimes even a project I’m doing is more important then my health… don’t even get me started on my failed relationship with any kind of exercising or sports or healthy lifestyle. I never ever even had a daily routine as all my life I was such a random person. How could I be the best to care for others especially run their daily routines?

I mean I’m doing my best, but even on my shining days with the best clients ever it is barely satisfying. At least what I would imagine expected in this job. It must be because since I was 14 I studied economics and marketing. So I’m kind of really into business. Into ever changing circumstances and working instead of details with the big picture. Finding out what one tiny change in a segment of the whole will be effecting on every other part. Or based on trends analyze and predict future… I’m an intuitive person who wasn’t meant to do monotone routines. Don’t take me wrong I am not saying it’s bad thing, I respect all forms of hard work and struggle. I did my own part of it just to list a few: pizza delivery, 4 years of accounting in a multinational company, cashier in the biggest McDonald’s at London etc. I’m just saying I know from experience that even if I can do and I strive to deliver it as great as possible it is not what I could potentially be in the best use for others.

I’m challenged and put on fire with facing problems and finding solutions for businesses. More precisely: market researching and promotion, Community/HR management, and how to organize enterprises and processes more effectively. I mean if you think about it as a PA I’m kind of taking care of the smallest unit of all: household. And as an organization, the household management also requires some techniques from these fields – kinda even as a personal assitant:

  • researching and market understanding – what my client likes and how he prefers to manage his daily life,
  • need to look for options where I can contribute to my client’s development and maybe help him through challenges sometimes – Community/HR management.
  • Organize: how to get faster and more accurate in delivering the everyday tasks or optimizing the processes in his care what can be like making lists to his weekly travel to avoid leaving anything behind or keeping a grocery list.

Or just to adapt myself in an instant to any needs like: cleaning the bathroom ceiling if that’s the wish at 8pm on a Sunday evening…

But it’s not even close to what I have the chance to do right now in Abidjan for the next few weeks. For me, to be honest, nothing beats the rush I get when I have to make something flourish, profitable and effective form zero money and resources.

I’ve been preparing myself for this since I was born. As I earlier said I grow up in a family where money was always a bit issue so had to be kinda “streetwise” in finding opportunities. I had to learn early how to identify and get around expenses which we not necessarily need to get to the same results as others. I studied this and I’d been volunteering forever in AIESEC entities where financial and resourcing crises was peaking when I arrived there. As a leader with my 12 months limit I could make some things turn around and show the light in the end of the funnel to the people in the entities. So I’m seriously living for this.

And now it is even trickier because I had never been really interacting with the Ivorian market to sell anything. I spent some holiday time here and obviously in my past I spent time in Togo, Benin which are also francophone west African countries… so I’m trying to rely on those insights of mine to accomplish the best approach here. Although I’m aware that this is a new place I know just limited about the environment and culture what shapes the people and more importantly their decision making. As well as their consuming behavior.

Sounds all yummy, doesn’t it?

Oh I can’t wait to get back to business and hopefully shine after working my @ss off ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Please wish me good luck! ๐Ÿค—

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