When it’s getting to the end, determination can shake a little bit. Or not necessarily the fact that you are getting close to finish but being in that promise a while ago what sometimes resulting in reduced firmness of purpose.

No matter how much you love something or how motivated and driven you are, you are not unshakable. We are human beings with ever changing environment and circumstances. That for sure can result in unstable performance: we will skip a day at the gym even if we promised to go this week every single day. Or we will be having issues with the quality of work we give out of our hands. Or we will be in delay of the agreed deadline. Worst from all, we won’t deliver our promise at all or stop fulfilling it after a while…

Can we stay determined without doubt? No. Doubting and shaking in motivation is normal. But can we persevere dispute the challenges? Yeeeeaaaaaahh, of course.

What you need for this?

  1. Great project, making you excited.
  2. Attitude of a champion: pushing through difficulties like a king. No one not even your very own lazy self will stop you. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
  3. Mindset of keep doing it no matter what and how inconvenient it is to deliver it.
  4. Get comfortable with uncertainty.
  5. Taking your promise serious as it comes from your core. It’s important to you to fulfill like the significance of breathing in life.

How all these come from? What’s the origin of all above? What is the freaking source of determination?

I don’t know how to put it in words but there is a feeling when you commit to something even after a few days you will know if you stay strong about it and make it though or will quit. I guess it’s the quality of how much you want the end result. Or isn’t it more about the experience itself? How much you want the whole package?

For me I wanted to try out how it is to share a thought of my day with everyone. So I started to post my ideas around a topic in an article. How does it feel to see people’s reactions on it and check statistics. What does it mean to separate part of my life every single day to produce content even when I am not feeling like it. How I can convince myself why to do and grow new self-motivational practices? Or is that a way to make it a habit which will happen kind of automatically? I wanted to feel it on my skin what does it mean to be an everyday life blogger.

To be honest it is as fun as hard, and as annoying and rewarding at the same time. I love receiving comment notifications or keep checking statistics and observing how each post topics are performing. How the different ways of promotions are effecting the numbers. Although I hate when I’m about to sleep and I realize that I forget to post. I need to jump out of bed and do it anyhow…. I dislike that some days I don’t even have a clue and suffering a lot to find a topic I’m feeling to discuss. Especially when I know there are tons of things I wanted to share during the day..

In the end I can say, we human beings are first of all curious creatures:we want to explore and understand. It is eventually about a way of life you are interested in trying or a role what you feel like it is calling you. You want the lifestyle and everything associated with it, rather then just the result itself. I mean do you want the car or the opportunities that you can sit with your friend in it and get to the next town or the beach for a weekend? You want the plane tickets or the actual adventure of discovering a new country and culture?

As a child we play many “roleplaying” games which are based on what we see around. Mostly what our parents are doing. I for example copied scenes from movies where I seen assistants of big company directors taking phone calls and transferring them, typing on computer or organizing papers and so on. I don’t know why I self-identified so long with this role… maybe the lack of woman directors at the 1990’s portrayed in tv programs… anyhow. The other role was being a teacher. I kept teaching my friends – as I was the oldest – how to form letters or how to spell words and imitated the teacher student classroom situations all the time.

Well I did actually done these kind of jobs before in my adult life, and still doing maybe I can say. Although my point here is that I was into the experience of it and without knowing as a child what result (salary) it will give I was attracted. I was into it because I enjoyed taking the role.

So I guess same thing now: I always played with the idea to self identify as a blogger and based on my travelings I knew I would have topics too. Also was encouraged by friends to share these African stories a lot. Although not yet got there ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™ˆ sorry guys, everything will come it’s own time.

I guess you can only be truly determined if you are falling for the “entire package” and you are at least a little aware of the circumstances what will happen to you on the journey. I mean I knew at least that there will be moments where lack of inspiration will hit me. And I was accepting the challenge in advance. Sure I didn’t know that I will need to give out 2 hours of my life every day for this. Especially not knowing exactly that it will mean there will be days when I need to jump out of bed right from my partner’s arms to make it happen…

So my point being that when you really interested in a lifestyle and have the minimum understanding to accept the difficulties, don’t mind any skill criteria, because your dream can be achieved.

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  1. Good one! … I agree with you on that fact that an attitude is key: accepting the difficulties/challenges which goes along with following up on the opportunities one choose to explore. And then, not looking back, not over thinking about the future, but rather enjoying the journey of self expansion and self expression in the now… Keep it up!

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