Last Day of Blossoming May

I can’t believe it’s been a month already when I promised to myself here this challenge of writing every day.

There was highs and downs on the road. Although in general I quite enjoyed it.

I realized that if I decide something and I really want to try it, I can push it through and live the experience. I learned that probably I’m in a need of practicing more and more to write and be able to produce interesting topics every single day. Or maybe I should do a few per week to make more sense for this random lifestyle I have.

Wait a minute. What if this posting on daily schedule helped me to gain control over my randomness what I call life? Anyhow the point is that I’m to be on a long journey till I develop a pleasant writing style in english.

To be honest I haven’t yet figured out what will I do from tomorrow… should I carry on with every night posting a new article or develop a new schedule?

I don’t know… one thing is sure for today: I am truly exhausted. Spent the whole day in the office after a night constantly been disturbed by mosquitoes. I swear I had like 100 giant bites by the morning…So I subscribed to myself a great night sleep for now.

Thank you for reading me all month long or just some of the few I have by today.

God bless you all for the support and kind words, the likes and comments and the views.🙏🏼


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