1st October, International Day of Older Persons

As the world’s population grows—proportionally the largest in Africa—our healthcare and other improvements supporting our lifestyles and extending our lifespans evolve, too. Consequently, these advances put a strain on our ability to maintain sustainable development.

The International Day of Older Persons was established as an international day of the UN in December 1990. UN members have observed this day since 1991(1).


“(…)  the rapid growth in the older population and the rapid shrinking of the younger generation. Politicians everywhere still promise to save the existing pensions system, but they—and their constituents—know perfectly well that in another 25 years people will have to keep working until their mid-70s, health permitting. ”(2).


We have to support the older portion of our society collectively due to the essential obligation of governments to manage reallocation-based retirement systems. They are a necessity, not just for sustainable development, but also because fundamental human rights must be sustained appropriately for their particular needs, too.


Let’s focus our attention on their particular needs and related challenges: Demographically, drastic changes are necessary to fight for sustainable development. We must bear in mind that the population of over-60-year-olds is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2030 putting pressure on our already strained social welfare systems and simultaneously causing further issues and challenges for humankind to solve.


In 2018, the UN aims to:

  • Promote the rights of elderly
  • Raise visibility for them, as participating members of our society
  • Reflect on progress and challenges regarding their access to human rights and freedom
  • Engage broad audiences across the world and mobilise them to fight for these rights to be accessible for all ages(3)
(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Day_of_Older_Persons
(2) http://forevueinternational.com/Content/sites/forevue/pages/1335/5_5_The_Next_Society.PDF
(3) http://www.un.org/en/events/olderpersonsday

Call to action:

  1. Read more → sustainabledevelopment.un.org
  2. Discuss the following topic with your sympathisers: Why reforming our society around older persons is a necessity nowadays? What changes the extended lifespan will enforce in our retirement system?
  3. Find a project and reach out to the host entity to support them with advice or funds to deliver it, especially west African entities. The reason is the urgent need to deliver SDG-related changes there.
  4. Sponsor and motivate someone in your world to take a global volunteer project with AIESEC → aiesec.org/global-volunteer. I suggest one in the Benin Republic→ aiesec.org/opportunity/870351

Admittedly, AIESEC initiatives have barely any resources to make things happen—it is a real struggle—I was the Marketing Director in Benin for the 2015-16 term. For more information about my predicament there, please contact me directly at krisztina.kapuvari@aiesec.net.

Article was written by Krisztina Kapuvári (findyourownlight) and originally posted on 1st October 2018 on Alumnet of AIESEC Alumni International – the platform available only for registered AIESEC alumnus.

Reposted on “whatareyoustillwaitingfor” blog, available for public.


Original Article Rights:

  • Drafted by Kriszti@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space
  • Illustrated by Kriszti@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space
  • Edited by Lee@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space
  • Published by Lee@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space

To support the enthusiastic group of few in the war against ignorance, follow this: https://www.amazon.com/What-Still-Waiting-World-Dying-ebook/dp/B079SWGJH7

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