5th October, World Teachers’ Day

The United Nations holds the World Teachers’ day annually on every 5th October since 1994.

Teachers are major part of our early lives. Therefor they were highly influencing our process of intake a slice of the ultimate knowledge of this globe.

According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics, the world needs 69 million teachers if we are to achieve universal primary and secondary education by 2030. (1) This is in connection with SDG 4 on quality education. (2)

Do you believe we can fill the gap with another solution? Can be technology the solution to adjust to this enormous need? Will it provide this basic service to all children in every single country?

Other topics also can be raised regarding the teachers’ day: What do you think about the academic freedom of your country? How about the current teaching methods wildly performed in your country compare to other parts of the world?

Did you personally consider that you had access to quality education in your lifetime? How do you see its progress since?

(1) http://www.unesco.org/new/en/media-services/singleview/news/close_to_69_million_new_teachers_needed_to_reach_2030_educat/
(2) https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg4

Call to action:

  1. Read more → sustainabledevelopment.un.org
  2. Initiate conversations about the importance of quality education and how teachers are perceived and valued in a society. How does improving it contributes to a more sustainable future?
  3. Find a project and reach out to the host entity to support them with advice or funds to deliver it, especially west African entities. The reason is the urgent need to deliver SDG-related changes there.
  4. Sponsor and motivate someone in your world to take a global volunteer project with AIESEC → aiesec.org/global-volunteer. I suggest one in the Benin Republic→ aiesec.org/opportunity/870351

Admittedly, AIESEC initiatives have barely any resources to make things happen—it is a real struggle—I was the Marketing Director in Benin for the 2015-16 term. For more information about my predicament there, please contact me directly at krisztina.kapuvari@aiesec.net.

Article was written by Krisztina Kapuvári (findyourownlight) and originally posted on 5th October 2018 on Alumnet of AIESEC Alumni International – the platform available only for registered AIESEC alumnus.

Reposted on “whatareyoustillwaitingfor” blog, available for public.


Original Article Rights:

  • Drafted by Kriszti@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space
  • Illustrated by Kriszti@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space
  • Edited by Lee@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space
  • Published by Lee@whatareyoustillwaitingfor.space

To support the enthusiastic group of few in the war against ignorance, follow this: https://www.amazon.com/What-Still-Waiting-World-Dying-ebook/dp/B079SWGJH7

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