The dark side engages exponentially and effectively people internationally.

If youth is not engaged in making a world a better place, sooner or later will join the dark side.

The craziest thing is if I think back of the mindset of my region when I was growing up… I can tell we pretty much hated on Gypsies… 🤦🏻‍♀️

and take it as normal mindset. The media was fueling it even with news stories about their bad doings… We had a massive skinhead group in my generation at my town too…

I could easily turn out as an extremist… the presetting was there in my environment…

Thanks God it didn’t go that way… 🙏🏼

This podcast enlightened me about the dark side and how these negative energies are organising themselves… this is one of the reason why this shooting in Pittsburgh happened recently. Such a sad story!


I’m actually taking a podcasting course at #FutureLearn where I was advised to listen to #nytimes podcast for educational reasons.

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