SDG16| What is Happening to the ‘Peace of Mind’ of This World? (Part 2 of 2)

I want to point out a few factors which are keeping us from the union of humankind:

  1. The increasing presence of ​tense human interactions​​ in our daily—way too digital—lives due to our lifestyles, tense political atmosphere, and lack of willingness to take responsibility for global issues as individuals. The presence of hatred is momentarily luring us off the peaceful path we have established so far.
  2. The unjust global redistribution of resources which are causing many conflicts across mostly non-western countries. Due to many—some might argue necessary and duly conceived—wars, many lives have been sacrificed in the ‘underdeveloped world’. They have had to pay dearly to sustain the growth of the ‘overdeveloped world’. (Regarding this, admittedly, many opposing ideologies and explanations are, unfortunately, still prevalent). Anyway, that brings me to my last concern:
  3. The world is organised in a highly ​business-friendly way instead of being humanistic. It implies that after all of humanity’s struggles and bold strides forward in history, the foreseen future, ironically, will no longer be fit to foster the survival, prosperity, and growth of homo sapiens. The current establishment of power no longer appears to serve our kind but to serve businesses and their purposes.

At least our ancestors were serving humans who, admittedly, might have been evil kings or emperors but at least they fought for their kind’s all-embracing improvements.

And, in the future, maybe our grandkids will serve AI’s reproduction and distribution purposes… Really, who knows? At any rate, right now it seems that we are just serving money. Is this what society should be centred around in this day and age?

It has been years since the world has become aware that something is not right. It just does not feel right.

Since I started to form memories and build a sense of understanding about the world, I have heard about this enigma. For what seems like an eternity, humankind has been discussing global issues, albeit in broader and broader spheres, to be solved; such as, the settling of conflicts, unions to be created, and businesses to be developed for the betterment of all.

All the same,can we honestly commit to thinking in unity instead of as separate nations? Based on this ideal state, can we rearrange our ways of running societies?

Preserving peace, alas, is still out of reach.I believe we can’t just leave things the way they are anymore. The worst thing I consider we are doing to ourselves is irresponsibly saying that only the next generation can save us from this vicious cycle of social stagnation. The buck stops here—I simply can’t accept such unmitigated irresponsibility.

No way! Never!Moreover, I REFUSE to accept that previous generations can just lay back and raise their hands and say:

‘​Be grateful to us that all is well right now! Solve the insurmountable hurdles drawing closer by yourselves. They’re not on our watch. We brought you guys up with a more humanistic mindset. Thanks to us, your generation is outfitted to have a shared feeling of social awareness and common consciousness, even delivering corporate social responsibility (CSR) and outreach programs… You lot want everyone to leave you in peace. Most of us don’t share your values. Moreover, we don’t want to share the luxurious lifestyle that we broke our backs to build with foreigners. That’s why some of us will pledge to stop you in your fandangled pie-in-the-sky pursuit!’

Somehow, we live in a sort of parallel reality of some kind. Previous generations have the power, leading our countries, holding decision making positions, but rely highly on the upcoming generation to make changes for our future while opposing their mindset and worldview. Then, what do you expect will happen without placing your trust in youth?All the moral dilemmas, the injustices, the frustrations, and disharmonies between us and everything else around is still not getting any better.

We are still labelling each other instead of cooperating. Humankind has managed to deliver a sort of economic efficiency—thanks to our elderly—but has neglected to focus on harmony: ​harmony between humans, nature and every single thing surrounding us​​.

Has harmony ever been in the centre of human development?

When downfalls hit humankind, due to our inherent survival instinct and values acquired in our upbringing, we tend to put peoples in pigeon holes, mentally separating groups which we belong to from ones we don’t.What stereotyping formulates depends on the mindset of the leaders who fuel the fire​​. For instance, look around in politics: what kinds of tendencies and mindset shifts do we tend to notice? Trump, Brexit, Putin, Immigration Flood to the EU, Erdogan… North Korea. Sadly, are bleak visions of the future on the rise?

All the same, can we claim it is only our leaders’ faults we are repainting dreary pictures of the future?

I believe ignorance is the source of the majority of our issues.

For example, ignoring the inclinations of our kind: greed, sinfulness, and selfishness. We must strengthen our economic and social foundations with our vulnerabilities in mind. So, if we want eternal peace, we must unconditionally commit hand-in-hand to belonging to the same tribe. ​Take a leap of faith and consider not using terms like nations, genders, or generations​​.

Can we consider ourselves one with every single person on Earth? 

Or do you think there is another way to overcome burning world issues? The state of humankind is what profoundly disturbs to me.

If you got this far in my writing, I believe you are a well-informed world citizen. You also care about peace and making the world a better place. Therefore, I invite you to take part in this process.

Not tomorrow, not next time, but now because ​maybe there won’t be a time soon when we can peacefully chat about disturbing realities and future scenarios​​ ​of deadly natural and human-made disasters​​. We need to enlist everyone in this battle for peace.

Read part 1 of the story, where you can learn more about peace and wars:

Consider the following options to ACT:

  1. Read more →
  2. Discuss the following topic with your colleagues: Why are creating peace and inclusive societies relevant to building sustainable development?
  3. Sponsor and motivate someone in your world to take a global volunteer project with AIESEC →
  4. Find a plan and reach out to the host entity to support them with advice or funds to deliver it. I suggest an opportunity in the Benin Republic (, or other West African Entities. The reason is the need to provide SDG-related changes there is enormous, although AIESEC entities have near zero resources to make things happen. It is a real struggle. I was Marketing Director in the Benin Republic in 2015/16 term. For more info, please contact me
  5. Become an AIESEC alumni volunteer with us to produce articles and share relevant information with fellow compassionate champions of progressive social change for sustainable development. So, what are you still waiting for? GET IN TOUCH!

Article was written by Krisztina Kapuvári (findyourownlight) and originally posted on 11th November 2018 on Alumnet of AIESEC Alumni International – the platform available only for registered AIESEC alumnus.

Reposted on “whatareyoustillwaitingfor” blog, available for public.

The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAI.

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