Save Children, Enable Rural Women – SDG2 | Zero Hunger Part 1 of 2

The second of the Sustainable Development Goals is Zero Hunger. This Goal doesn’t only state the obvious: to provide food for everyone. Do you think food itself is the only necessary factor to fill empty stomachs? This Global Goal involves so much more.

If you are lucky like me, to have grown up in just the right place at just the right time to enjoy a sense of food security, you probably have never experienced real hunger or malnutrition, contrary to 3.1 million children under the age of 5. (1)

In 2018 alone, that many died!

Do you want to turn the other way and sacrifice that many innocent souls in 2019, too?

I thought not!

The food industry is enormous. It’s profitable. It has great ROI… Furthermore, it’s fast-moving and always hungry for something to feed 7+ billion people.

Did you know that agriculture is still the single largest employer globally? (1) If this many of us are working to put meals on our tables, why still millions are without food?Can you imagine how much profit is being syphoned off this industry while millions are starving to death? That is why it is so essential to consume sustainably, even if some of us in the western world can afford to live lavishly in abundance.

Investing in smallholder women and men is an important way to increase food security and nutrition for the poorest, as well as food production for local and global markets.” (2)

In my other article written on 15th October, I showcased the impossible lives of Rural Women. ( Women are “the soul” of all families and the caretakers of kids. Their children are the ones in the poorest regions dying because there are no jobs to provide therefore no access to enough nutrition, when agriculture would be the solution.

Did you know that despite the fact that Western Economies are 70%+ service based – UK 79%, USA 79,6% (2) – those 500 million small, rainfed farmers worldwide are the ones providing up to 80% of the food consumed in the developing world?

Yes, we are in such a privileged life on one side of the world, enjoying the best customer service, family planning, banking through our mobile apps and getting home delivery when we are feeling lazy to cook etc.

We have even the luxury of wasting tons of food which would be enough to feed all hungry. See? Food itself is not the only factor to feed the hungry. On this Earth there is enough food already produced to everyone. Even those kids who we had tragically lost only last year…

It is about access. Accessing solutions. Accessing resources. Accessing land.

“If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million.” (1)

Please consider finding a way to provide to rural women farmers. This is clearly not just a Return-On-Investment. It is about giving chances to every kids born on this Earth to get just enough nutrition to stay with us at least a little longer than 0-5 years. And perhaps in a better life quality…

From these few facts and some figures, we can clearly see SDG 2, as well as humankind, is aiming for a complicated issue to be solved. Part 2  further discusses those targets of the goal: Zero Hunger.




Call to action:

1.         Read more →

2.         Discuss the following topic with your sympathizers: What Zero Hunger means to you? Why is it a complicated, urging and important issue to be solved?3.         Find a project and reach out to the host entity to support them with advice or funds to deliver it, especially west African entities. The reason is the urgent need to deliver SDG-related changes there.

4.         Sponsor and motivate someone in your world to take a global volunteer project with AIESEC → I suggest one in the Benin Republic →

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