SDG2 | Save children, enable Rural Woman – Zero Hunger – part 2

Back in 2015/16, when I was volunteering in Benin (West Africa), I had the chance to organize a YouthSpeak Forum (YSF). We gathered like-minded organizations and young people together to discuss and work towards the SDGs.

The organizing team and the finalists of the competition at Benin YouthSpeak Forum 2016

On my arrival to Benin (1), 10 months earlier of YSF, I learned about my actual situation (2) -as an unpaid Marketing director- will be quite a challenge not just professionally but also personally due to lack of financials.

Our luck was to live near Armelle Kouton.  We – according to local customs – just called her Mummy. There she was, our mummy as she constantly helped us out throughout the year, with wonderful meals as she knew we often had urging need to eat and couldn’t find anything in our kitchen.

Armelle, as a keynote speaker at Benin YSF 2016

Zero Hunger is a goal I can personally stand behind with everything I have, not just because I experienced for a “short period” of time how is it to fear of the lunch or dinner times to face empty plates, eat barely once a day and lose 25 kilograms in about 6 months… It is because there are people and small children out there who are dying because of famine when humans produce enough for everyone.Have you ever had a moment of thinking of malnutrition? I mean the state of it. How it affects the body, the mind and the soul? Let definition help you understand: “a state in which the physical function of an individual is impaired to the point where he or she can no longer maintain adequate bodily performance process such as growth, pregnancy, lactation, physical work and resisting and recovering from disease.” (3)

As I got to know Armelle, it became clear that she is not just a Mummy for 6 random volunteers living in her street. She is the Mummy of all kids in need in Benin.

Madam Kouton among the children and mothers whom she is helping in need.

Madam Kouton has a medium-sized company producing nutritious biscuits for sales and she has also a non-profit organization working on SDG2: Zero Hunger.  It is all in a country where Global Hunger Index is 24,4% (4), the population below poverty line is 53,1% (4), and 1 in 4 children is chronically malnourished (3). With her hard work and dedication she has been saving thousands of children from starving to death by providing freely from her products.

Madam Kouton’s biscuits have a very special recipe. I saw it with my own eyes that these biscuits within only a week are able to make a baby, who is so weak that cannot even cry or move, to smile or even laugh from heart.Armelle doesn’t just provide free nutritious food to babies and newborns who are in dangerous states of malnutrition, but ensure that long-term solution will be provided to them by enabling their rural mothers to have ways to make money.

Armelle Kouton’s official introduction at Benin YSF 2016.

Madam Kouton is one of the amazing local social entrepreneurs who are fighting to make their environment a little less bitter. She is saving lives every day, for decades now.

You can support her in the fight to decrease the annual 3,1 millions of death of children. (5) How? Contact me here.

Read more about Save Children, Enable Rural Woman here.





Call to action:

1.         Read more →

2.         Discuss the following topic with your sympathizers: What Zero Hunger means to you? Why is it a complicated, urging and important issue to be solved?

3.         Find a project and reach out to the host entity to support them with advice or funds to deliver it, especially west African entities. The reason is the urgent need to deliver SDG-related changes there.

4.         Sponsor and motivate someone in your world to take a global volunteer project with AIESEC → I suggest one in the Benin Republic →

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