Happy New Month | April’s challenge

I promised to myself to be actively doing for my future every single day in 2019. The first quarter is finished.

What did I do?

I’ve been pretty much working on my day job in the UK, majority of the time.


  • After 5 years, I finally spent New Year’s Eve among my friends in Hungary.

  • And the first day of 2019 with family.
  • Published a book in Turkey with my articles in it as a team: AAI content team.
  • Went protesting the government with thousands of fellow Hungarians.
  • Delivered the first episode of a podcast for a political organization.
  • Done 21 days of Daniel’s fast (and doing it again for the second time).
  • Read the Bible every single day in 2019.
  • Went swimming 3 times/weeks in January (restarting tomorrow)
  • Traveled to a new country: Italy to visit my friend Sohini, whom with we shared a room in 2015/16 term as national directors of AIESEC in Benin.
  • Took an International bus (first time) and went from Italy to Germany, so visited an other country for the first time: Switzerland.
  • I have 80% finished my journalism course at British Collage of Journalism.
  • Had a planning weekend with AIESEC Alumni Europe in Munich, Germany to plan our alumni to the world social impact projects.

  • Had 2 weeks passed in bed due to cold in February.
  • Went for a door2door campaign two entire weekends with a Hungarian political party I’m part of and knocked on over 250 doors from which around 150 was opened. So earned a badge for European Parliament election campaign.

  • Knocked on doors with our party’s president, the top EP candidate and many more peers.
  • Renovated my dad’s kitchen completely redone it from scratch (obviously not alone thou) over 2 weeks of March.
  • Met with many of my friends and family.

And also met someone who is willing to invest into my social enterprise: TheSpace – open office incubator spot for social entrepreneurs in Cotonou, Benin with around €5000…

However, I feel like I’m loosing energy. Like I’m not doing enough. Or perhaps I’m not doing the right thing?!??

Even though I met plenty of new people and places, ideas and purposes, I’m still just not feeling it…

Therefore I challenged myself – similar to last year may – to have a post every single day for a month at FindYourOwnLight.net to build stronger habits and keep momentum. Keep searching for what I call: “YourOwnLight”.

I am a kind of person who needs to be pushed and set deadline to. I always worked the best when pressure was present. So if no one puts the bar in front of me to jump over, I need to do that for myself.

April, 2019, please be my lucky month 🙏🏼

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