Disabled by Burnout

Have you ever been paralyzed by the thought of your duties and amount of promises you gave out?

Once a while I get to the point when I feel absolute burnt-out. I don’t know how it presents itself to you, but for me it means craving doing completely nothing.

Under nothing, I mean, bare minimum. Then spend every moment of free time hooked on series or movies, just one after another.

A few days in this state, and my brain dissolve in passivity and cries out for actions. That’s how I bounce back myself every time.

When it should be worrying? How often being in this emotional state is abnormal? What point is too much to let your phase last? Is few days fast enough?

I have no clue. This is the first time in my life, when my conscious wants to bring my energy back and not letting myself sink into the comfortable and sweet times of laziness..

I keep thinking of what strategies I should use to speed this process up? But then I just let myself go.. Turning on the apologetic self-sabotage: “your body knows what you need, just let it be…”

What can be done to just escape this whole phase, and get back to my normal energetic self?

How Mr.Barack Obama could wake up for nearly 3,000 days as president, with a mission, and ready to go? …those powerful speeches… I wonder if ever he woke up the morning of an important presidential working day, and thought: ” I don’t feel like doing this today. Heck, I am gonna just escape my duties...”

Have you ever wondered about the life of these successful big people? I mean we all have only the same amount of time in one day. How they are up on the top, and I am nowhere?

It is not network, not money, not anything you born with, which makes a difference. We have seen plenty of examples of being a nobody in the middle of nowhere and then boom: zero to hero. Of course, there is hard work behind, and dedication, which is usually hidden from public and lots of failures along the road. But I wanna know how they manage to overcome these stages of burning out?

I am sure they have a technique to instantly bounce back from these low daysThey learned to say no to their emotions, and gut instincts… That must be the core different between me and them. As soon as I am able to learn on my low days to bounce back straight to actively pushing for my dreams, I will note those techniques down…

How do you keep yourself driven?

5 thoughts on “Disabled by Burnout

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  1. The content is very interesting. I personally think that it’s a feeling that happens to everyone , but everything depends on what we do at this stage.This feeling can be for us a way to assess ourselves and better revive us or to vegetate in this feeling till we miss Our life objective. By experience I think that 4 keys allow these world leaders to become the powerful men that we see today without knowing the efforts in background; keys which we can also use in order to be a Better version of ourselves.
    1- The life objective what constitutes the FOCUS,
    2- The strength of character,
    3- the relationships (you can not be surrounded by losers and dream to win: this equation is irresolvable)
    4- The small daily actions which build you and strengthen your energy.

    I’m sure this comment will be useful to this post readers and can be even be improved.

    1. That is very right.
      Drive, character, relationships and habits.
      These are the 4 main differences between successful man and woman and average people.
      Thank you for this useful addition to this article.

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