Moment of Clarity

Coming out of an episode of low energy always requires two things: self-reflection and being unsatisfied with the situation. So we seek too see clear. For a moment of clarity in the storm, we need the desire to upgrade.

This whole “upsanddowns”, it is just a full circle:

  • starting by pushing myself to the limit or meeting a giant stressor.
  • It results in instant draining of energy.
  • There comes official burn out stage.
  • So I usually let the feeling sink in and I just chill, spend days in passivity.
  • Then slowly through self-driven reflection phase I question my actions, my motives.
  • It sparks the desire to change
  • and finally I claim my responsibility over the fall out.
  • Then I filter the key outtakes and pat myself on the back to find back to energy.
Full circle of life in the dark.
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With a clear vision, you can see where the problem hides in this process and why it returns to be a circle not a spiral.

I don’t readjust in the end.

That is right.

I should keep these lessons and implement new ways of 1. avoiding falling back (where applicable) 2. Speed the process up.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.” 


How often does it happen to you to reinvent some major life lesson?

It often happens to come to some brilliant nuggets of wisdom and then I forget them so I return to the exact same level I was before.

You know what’s the habit of successful people? Yes, that is right. They reinvent themselves, because they learn from their past. They didn’t forget already learnt life lessons… If they realize something is in their way – be it a personality trait, or certain people, or a job – they eliminate it.

What left to me, is find techniques to quicker these episodes of wasting my time in passivity. Balance out my random and draining life-style. Find an organized way to keep those real life lessons.

After all, it is called LIFE lesson for a reason.. It is supposed to stick with you, isn’t it?

What are your strategies tackling days of just “not feeling it”?

10 thoughts on “Moment of Clarity

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  1. Krisztina, you touch many deep and interesting points here. Life is indeed a long learning path. It is not easy. For those of us bent on reflection, this can mean a lot of circles. I have no answers since I struggle through those same paths, but I would like to share my encouragement to continue learning and have patience with yourself. Best wishes. Marcus.

  2. I see I did not answer the last question. My strategy is to write my reflections as poems, many of which I post in my site. Not a waterproof soloution, but it helps a lot!

    1. “Go on dear friend, listen to your own noble heart you too,
it is surely full of sincere goodness, you are not sheep in a herd,
be your own shepherd, and make your own virtuous spiritual path.”
      Marcus Antoninus

      This is brilliant…

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