Value Comes Late

Beside the fact that we all born to this world naked and doomed to leave one day without our collected valuables, we all share one more thing for sure: the fact that we experience noticing the real worth of someone or something when it is late.

How much easier life would be to have a value assigned to everything clearly, like in a shop?

I mean objects, or natural resources seemed to have a well clarified price, we tend to notice or remember even way too much.

I mean, don’t you go mad when you creaked again the screen of your phone? You instantly attached the price tag to it, and all inconvenience of getting back to normal just comes to mind to make you even more angry…

That is human nature in action: something is gone, it is instantly your priority.

We seem to notice absence more then presence.

Even our time has a sort of value in only certain scenarios clearly attached to it. We are selling ourselves for companies, or as entrepreneurs, advisers or psychologists to patients with a defined clear price, don’t we?

Although still the same people can value the same amount of time nothing, or even negative, when it is spent in a line at the market. What about their exact same time when it is a theater or a plane ticket, and they are in the security line? If “free time” comes to it’s end, it tend to seem more important.

we sometimes forget the value of important relationships  and only notice it when it is all gone and too late. this is life.
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Imagine a world where we can add a clarity to the importance of all relations and keep that in front of our eyes at all times. Wouldn’t it be great?

I mean, obviously we value our friendships, co-worker relations, family, love connections or the moments with the hot neighbor who winked on you last week. But wouldn’t it save you from terminal mistakes, if you could have a clear number associated to each of them?

Well, I might sound twisted right now, and probably it is real strange.. but let me ask you a question:

Had it ever happen to you, that in the storm of your negative emotions, you forgotten the real worth of someone?

It seems so difficult to see clearly how important and good is someone when you have them seemingly granted.

We all have this tendency to undervalue what is accessible.

Our estimations of a worth of someone it is kind of a matter of perspective. If we look at it from distance, or from behind a barrier, the value of it skyrockets.

How can we hack this natural bias of evaluation? or is it just me to suck in having clear estimation on the importance of my relationship?

I just hate losing people… I guess I am not alone.

It leaves such a hollow inside…

Wouldn’t it be better if we have techniques to prevent these regrets happening?

It is so easy to lose track of the importance of a relationship, until it is gone and you are reminded of it by it’s absence.

One day everyone you know, will be dead.

But who wants to walk around with this thought attached to the back of his mind? Weird!

Perhaps, gratitude than be a better solution. So just take one second right now, and thank for all these wonderful people in your life before it is too late!

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  1. As I view it, some values come late because they are condtional on experience. Those we can change. Many others are instilled by the culture we grow up in. Those are difficult to change, even if they sometimess need to. Life is challenging ☺

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