For Your Own Sake, Seek Uncertainty

Being a solo-traveler trained me to seek uncertainty and find peace with giving up control.

Brandon Hill, Cabot Tower, Bristol, Travel, FindYourOwnLight
Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower view of Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

Finding your own way in a new city by having completely no plan, is an experience I usually challenge myself with, while abroad.

Arriving early afternoon to Bristol (UK) for a random trip was an excellent idea, indeed.

Inspired by the warm springy sunshine, I just let the experience take over my day. Having no clue what I would like to do, I wondered around for no more then 2 minutes…

Church, st Mary Redcliffe, FindYourOwnLight, Travel, bristol
St Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

In the center of Bristol, an over 900 years old, Gothic building captured my attention. I found this Anglican Parish Church, especially in that particular sunlight, magnificent, and worthy to share the beauty of St. Mary Redcliffe Church on Instagram. Then the plan started to put itself together.

The best way to unfold an adventure is to learn how to not stand in its way.

I have never used the tag #solotraveler before, but The Experience already had it’s plan, which today I was blessed to unconsciously follow.

Bansky, Travel, graffiti, Bristol, FindYourOwnLight
A Basky Graffiti in Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

Within seconds, a random individual commented.

I replied out of curiosity to find out what today’s travel story will be.

Of course, I had some safety concerns kicking in right after fixing up a meeting with this stranger I knew nothing about. But as an experienced visitor of foreign land, I let instincts move me forward.

We met in a coffee, where I learned that he had never used the same hastag before, and not even the travel-alone type of visitor. He was on business trip here for a weeks, but today he was called to answer what I call Find Your Own Light.

Cabot Tower, Brandon Hill, Bristol, Park, FindYourOwnLight
Cabot Tower in Brandon Hill Park with @imsandy2.0, Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

We wondered around for 4 hours in center Bristol, talking about life, traveling, our very own nations and culture.

Wapping wharf, Bristol, canal, buildings, FindYourOwnLight
Wapping Wharf in Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

Luckily, he was my type of sight-seeker, so we uncovered the city step by step in a great tempo.

Snazzback, street band, music, playing, Bristol, FindYourOwnLight, Travel
Snazzback band playing smooth in central Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

For me, absorbing the true vibes of a place is a more holistic approach. So I desire to explore as much as possible with effective management of resources.

We investigated Bristol’s best view points, buildings and spots by following our own random hearts.

Bristol Cathedral, FindYourOwnLight, Church, Travel,
Cathedral in Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

It totally worth to pursue randomness, uncertainty, and to give up control for a day.

My advice to you, to start exploring, to trust in your own guts. Learn how to go with the flow, because losing control, is sometimes a need to gain better control over your life.

Graffiti, Bristol, street art, travel, FindYourOwnLight
Street art of Bristol. Photo: FindYourOwnLight

Once more today has proven to me that wonder lives on the other side or fears.

Over the border of your comfort zone, it’s a better you standing, whispering to you through your instincts to follow a path you had never planned for.

What did your last trip to a foreign world thought you? Did you find your own light?

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