Pressured for More

Sometimes the right thing to do is to put a little pressure into the equation.

Often it seems like, the best motivation for me is pressure. Lately, I try to use these more or less consciously.

  • Good pressure can be deadlines. Everyone knows and using them quite consciously. The closer it gets, the more you deliver. 90% of the job is done the day before, at least for me.
    • That is why I post near midnight (GMT0) usually to deliver my promise on #AprilsChallenge: publish every day a post.
  • I also prefer when I am in a team. I just feel accountable to them and it is enough to push me do my part. Especially, when they are good to me or seem in really a need.
    • For example that is how I joined most of the many volunteer activities of my life. Fighting for a good case and capitalizing on my skill-set to help organisations which are struggling, is my life’s purpose.
volunteering experience when team was my source of energy as kind of pressure keepers
Some of the volunteering experience of findyourownlight
  • Publicly or loudly promising something can help to drive execution too.
    • starting a business is one project I feel not keeping to myself as idea or thoughts anymore, but make it a reality. Sharing with others really helps: finding supporters or getting even more hyped and pumped about it.. Talk it out also brings more clarity.
  • Being on a streak, that works the best with me: the little OCD side of me just can’t let it get ruined. Keep continuing what it really can be used for.
    • Bible reading app on my phone is holding me on streak for 14 weeks now. And it is so painful if I land back at 0. I just can’t let it happen again.
streak used for pressure
streak for pressure – Bible app by YouVersion
  • Financially being invested an other one really getting me. Even if it is a few quids, I just have to have it pay for itself.
    • Started a few hundred bucks worth online freelance course with British Collage of Journalism. Remember thinking if I pay, I will not ignore it and will more likely to keep doing it. 80% done so far.

These mental tricks, can be handy when laziness hits you low. They obviously not going to fix all the problems..

Aiming for well balanced life you should also aim for a well balanced motivation. For which keeping it till the end, pressure will not be enough. But if you are ever in the need of boost of energy, use pressure consciously.

What works for you? How do you find the drive to deliver something which you know needed but not that exciting to do?

7 thoughts on “Pressured for More

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    1. I can’t agree more. 😂😂👏🏼

      But the problem with me is when freelancing, and doing things as hobby or kind of volunteer for the sake of the experience, deadlines feel empty. Have you felt that ever?

      I mean you know, nothing depends on it too much. You won’t loose your job, nor money, nor life… as you can deliver that for yourself another point of the future.

      Or can we?

      Because life is not endless and we often forget that. If we don’t deliver things today, perhaps will never do.
      Or actually if we don’t do today, what we could have achieved based on today, would even move further in time… and never actually gonna figure out our own worth. Never gonna unfold the potential…

      That’s why it’s so important to find self drive and good balance between focus on the future and focus on today.

      And that’s what I’m struggling with.

      How about you?

      1. That’s true! When you’re in the moment, you don’t need the deadline to ensure you work/enjoy yourself.

        I always set loose deadlines for myself in order to still plan for the future. For example, I said I would travel for two or three years before I began to settle. I had no idea what I was gonna do within those years but I had a deadline (sort of) to complete it in before I knuckled down!

        And 100% on the balance. It’s a fine line to toe, but I think I’m slowly working it out. I’ve definitely focused more on the today for the past few years, but I think that I’ll be focusing more on the tomorrow once I go back to the UK in a few months – even though so much of me is like ‘noooo! Continue to live wholly in the now!’ But nope, I need to set some things in stone such as having an appropriate amount of savings, haha.

        Do you tend to be more in the now or more in the later?

      2. Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about. I started traveling after finsihed my lectures and theses of my master but right before the final oral exam and defense of my work.
        Then never returned because I realized that my idea of my future was wrong (phd) and there is something else out there fitting me more.
        So I went and lived in the now for 2-3 years and right now coming back to focus on the future.

        Nothing is lost time. Everything has a lesson and a purpose in our lives.

        I pretty much think when once we start exploring the world we will never be the same and won’t be able to settle to the regular life-style of today’s workers. We became hustlers.

        Although I believe we first need to find and base certainty (financially, emotional support system, romantic life etc) before we go out there again and make a change in the world.

        These two pillars it’s truly pulling me apart as so contrary. But that’s what we need to learn: balance.

        I’m actually also in uk (some of my time…) :)

        I wish you very well about your creation do a life-style fitting you the most.
        I hope you won’t stop looking for ways to Live or Work in other’s cultures. That is the best way towards self-awareness. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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