Love, I Let You Go

Even if love is on fire inside you for your significant other, life can be a b.tch.

I don’t blame life. A relationship especially a long-distance one can have certain turbulence which is just too much.

I often think if I wouldn’t have rushed things, or have had more patience…. ahhhh or I even consider that I am not flexible enough or not adjusted well to certain situations strange to my culture.. Even though I have lived and worked in 10+ mostly drastically different countries, and always felt like I am absolute champion of these qualities.. This is just too much of a pressure when it is in a relationship.

I mean some people are better with patience.. maybe better with understanding.. so they can pull through soul-tearing fights.

Maybe they don’t even fight..

I don’t know what others do, but what we did was our very best right now. Most of the factors causing issues wasn’t even coming from our personality. So I don’t even know why I try to find explanation from that angle..

I more believe it is about finding ourselves first, before investing so much into an other person. Because anyhow, it takes up a lot of effort to keep a relationship… especially if the two half of the couple spread over 2 continents, right?

All look so messy now.

But hope is always here. Not necessary that hope for a second chance.. (even if it would be good) but more kind of faith that no matter what, it will be all right. We have both reflected on the whole thing, and learned from each other. A lot. And before anything else, we are grateful to each other.

I am not broken nor angry, I am actually feeling clarity.. Sometimes God needs to slap a door into your face to start reflecting and seek better understanding. or push you a better direction.

I would not say we are better off without each other. That would be a huge lie. We both lost a friend in each other.. even a teacher or leader whom will be impossible to substitute.

I think we are better off without each other right this period

We got too comfortable and irritated at the same time with our lives, if you know what I mean? It was something slowly killing our personal ambitions and making us blame the other for it.. and at the same time was comfortable and stable and routine enough to feel certain and assured in it way too much.

That is just a setting for downhill for people who are even face to face every day.. not 10,000 km apart for months.

I just keep reflecting what should have I or we done better? Any thoughts just in general tackling challenges in a relationship? or speifically in a long-distance one?

I would appreciate your stories and please share advice.

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