Comfort Zoned for Life

Can you imagine a life being closed into your comfort zone?

Or you are more of a seeker, like myself?

Have a look at this picture and take a moment to reflect on different pillars of your life.

Are you in comfort at your job? Or in your relationships? Maybe financially? Or have you given up on learning new things and expand your mind? Perhaps your body isn’t pushed to it’s limits? Can’t everyone be a bodybuilder, can be?

People usually crave to be comfortable in most of the areas of their lives. Although there are many out there, like me, who can’t stand being certain and just keep seeking what’s else is out there.

What do you prefer to do?

A good indication of stepping out from the jail of comfort, is fear. I used to be so afraid of higher education, speaking in English, publicly presenting, jogging, fasting, being alone, politics and even traveling… today these are making up majority of my life.

Being scared, is a good sign to let you know where you have purpose to push for.

Most of the time that instantly would push you back. However, what makes life the fullest is to pursue things you are afraid of. (Don’t do stupid tho!)

What scares you the most will soon became nothing… destroyed. Demolish.

I’m so grateful to my past self pushing me through those horrible experiences of transit zones between comfort and growth.

The question is, what will your future self be thanking to your today’s one?

Live Life The Fullest!

No excuse!

This post is a follow up generated by PointlessOverThinker: Do something difficult.

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