World of Seekers

Do you tend to find some guru’s idea of life more appealing then others? Do you have your favorite technique to figure out your life’s purpose? Maybe a self-help book on the selves? Then I am pretty sure you are a seeker.

That is all right. You needed to seek all of those to figure out: there is no one solution. No universal relief for life struggles.

You must realize there is no way to escape the struggle of finding your own light. Everyone can, and surely many will, help on the road, but nobody will ever be able to provide you the exact solution. Only you can!

Other’s explanation of Life…I find them useful to add a perspective. The more I hear, the more I know what can work for me. As most of the solutions other’s offer are just half solutions in the best case. Nothing seems to fully fit to me.

Quick fixes doesn’t work on me although I appreciate a new perspective of life. I never really can buy into any fully.. Seeking constantly to find my own way what is giving me the most clarity in life.

One of my friend today suggested to try guided meditation. He argued it helped him to release an emotion stuck a long ago into his soul and was sure I have the same or similar issues with accepting myself. While reflecting during his very first session, he – out of nowhere – realized a connection between one of his current day struggles and that memory of his childhood.

This is very good. I clap for any method helping you to figure out something about yourself. But I highly doubt that will be the best solution for me at a time. Maybe it will be in the future, or maybe I have already went trough the process he is just cherishing right now and which have provided him AHA moment. OR shall I call enlightenment? more like momentary enlightenment.

The power of self-reflection is my only tool but I keep using it in different settings. No matter if the inspiration to do such comes from a new guru, a religious leader, a role model, the elderly neighbor, a movie, a song or any books you have ever read.

According to my belief, seeking change constantly is what only matters.

We all need to just keep pushing for a better self. That is the only secret.

I am sure that every certain moment of time, something else will work on you then what is your way right now. So take every person, book, technique or idea you meet on the road as a teacher, and just keep seeking your own light.

The search itself is what actually accompanies us till the last breath, nothing else.

I wanna live a life, that can grant me that on my death bed I can proudly say, I was seeking meaning every given chance. That is why I cherish even difficulties or quarrels.

He also told me that my drive should always come from the inside. Which mostly I thought agree with. … but not quite anymore.

I know my drive for a while, which is kind of not accepting unjust situations and help others and keep pushing for change. Even though if it means to feel fulfilled I depend on my environment. Which, to be honest is – unlucky to the world but lucky to me – always provides me cases to fight for.

So does my happiness depend on others? Yes.

So is that bad?

Yes and No.

In a world with peace and harmony and justice, people driven like me would not exist. Or if yes, would feel very down without a cause to fight for.

Although today, this quality or drive is well needed. It is a reflection of the world we see around.

We depend on the external world even for breathing.. eating.. clean water etc. Why is it so impossible to accept to depend on the environment or others for our happiness? Or at least be ok with it that it is up to someone else but still just accept it and move on seeking what you need.

Do you think Mother Teresa was driven by external or internal motives? Or was it just simply a combination of both?

I mean even her was selfish – at least according to my first year macroeconomics book at uni.. Everyone is selfish. She got satisfied and happy by helping others. So what?

No deed is selfless as all initiated from us. Already contains us and our believes and projections of ourselves, therefor can not be separated from ourselves.

So either you fight this or you take that energy after accepting it, and invest it into working on not putting your eggs into one basket: finding your own ways to make yourself happy while keep doing what external drive you have too.

What do you think: do we need only internal drivers and my friend was right to seek only that?

Which technique works for you? Let me know in comments… I am really interested in this!

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