Rough Days | Inner Child

Do you often have days when nothing is how it should be? You feel more clumsy then ever before or… forgetful…

Where these days are coming from? Bad luck? God’s plan or just tiredness?

Today was just about those tiny mistakes which won’t cause any terrible situation, just annoy you… make you feel absolutely stupid? and for your worst, people even witness you committing these acts of silliness.

I usually laugh over these tiny signs of my surface scratching inner child.

I tend to suppress her. Not out of hate, but whenever she surfaces, I feel ridiculous.

Mostly she appears when I drink over my red line.. so at least I don’t remember much of the dumb things.

Imagine people like Obama, or Beyoncé… or your favorite sport star… whoever. Do you think they have days struggling like this?

What about surgeons? They can’t afford to lose even a moment of awareness..

I’m sure they have more consciousness or mental techniques to be present wholly to eliminate any chances of looking goofy? Are they also oppressing their inner children?

How to stop distracted thinking? How to gain focus when your mind is all over? What to do to keep your bubbly younger self under control?

I know there are mindfulness techniques and years of training to get your focus on point every day and bury your reckless self.

Even tho, I am still looking for techniques but have already collected some here, which usually help me get back on track. Perhaps I should include giving more chances to my impulsive self to show herself?

What are your suggestions to me to avoid these days? Do you think it is even possible for 100% of the time? What do you do when you are about to have that day of the year?

7 thoughts on “Rough Days | Inner Child

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  1. I taught for 40 years so I had to be prepared with my “A” game every day. There were days when other life’s distractions tried to take me off task. Those were the most challenging days. I just know that I cannot be perfect, but I must be satisfied with my level of commitment.

    1. Wow that’s hard job to be a role model for so many. Teachers play a critical source of our development. I wonder what made you stop distracted thinking and raise your level of focus when you entered the classroom on days you just weren’t really yourself?

      I wrote a post yesterday trying to figure out my ways of handling days like that, but still so far from pushing myself back to the right path. Struggling with every day…

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