Take One at a Time

If you have a creative mind, sometimes it can just be totally reckless. Yesterday I described my mind when it’s completely all over the place.

I still don’t feel better.

But I have started to collect some techniques to put me back on track and most importantly stop me freaking out about the future and future scenarios can go all wrong.

  1. Make your mind tidy: reading a book, listening to music, engaging in creative activities like playing on an instrument or doing arts… they all neurotically helping the chaos disappear.
  2. Make your environment tidy: the activity itself helps you ease the noise inside, and also provide you a nice external place which will totally cheer you up.
  3. Drink and eat well: sometimes chemistry or hormones or whatever happenings inside can’t leave you feel well. Why not just hydrate and eat healthy snacks and nutritious meals?
  4. Sleep enough: min 6 hours is an absolute must but in a bad mood you need to opt on 8 hours at least.
  5. Get it out: either talking with friends or family or writing it out, maybe praying to God.. anything when you attempt to verbalize or bring up to surface what’s going on in your mind is helpful. Sometimes it will push you back a little before it is going to help.
  6. Say no to others: I usually get anxious when I have too many promises I have made. So try to deliver what you can and just take a time out. Say only yes for yourself. It’s not always an option to completely eliminate other’s priorities but at least take a half hour of your day just finding something soul lifting for yourself.
  7. Make a ToDo list: there is something calming about crossing out one task on your list… no matter how tiny things are on the list, make them and just ink them out. It’s gonna make you instantly more together.
  8. Follow a regimen: creative minds are usually without a regular routine. But when you need, you just need to pick something your can make a daily habit. For me it became blogging in April. I just needed to develop one repetition in my day. To have a control in my chaotic life.
  9. Be present: Take just the things what matters that day or moment and not worry about future. Just focus on one thing. Like plan suddenly changes and instead of looking at the whole picture you take always your attention on the next 1 hour. What to do first?

Like me the other day when was told the first thing in the morning at my day job, we are leaving London in half hour. I kept my focus one thing at a time and found it useful. Instead of instantly freaking out of my biggest fears: having my client very sick on my watch as a carer and having to drive hours in the UK, especially rush hour London.

  • Just to give you a quick idea, let me share my mental list I had made while instantly execute at the present the other day.
  • Fast shower, pack my stuff, pack my client’s stuff, quick-clean the room, get my client ready and into the car, drive 3 hours and try to keep calm, get things out of the car, get client to the house, and call the office to report your client is sick. Relax a half hour: quick eat oatmeal at 3pm, get client to doctor, get the medication, luckily had to wait so use the time to shop food for the next 4 days, get back to the house, start cooking while rearrange leaving location with office, book hostel, order ticket to new client, finally eat a main meal, while explain to team mates in volunteer job why did i miss delivering my duties and the meeting…

  • I found it easer to just go straight into execution even though I’m usually a person of carefully planning.

    Better days and worse, just take it one by one.
    Some days we need to take life hour by hour. Not every day is about sunshine.

    What are you techniques to ensure you get back to flow instead of having a really massy mind?

    How do you deal with sudden changes of plan?

    5 thoughts on “Take One at a Time

    Add yours

    1. I enjoyed the points on the palm of the hand. We all need to feel alive . . . again and again. During my final ten years of teaching, I taught in a large urban school system, which was quite a change for me. I had to adjust to being flexible far more than ever before.

      Thank you for following my writing, and I look forward to reading more from you.

      1. It’s so easy to forget enjoying life.. it sounds dumb but this is actually what happens in the daily race of making a living, fulfilling duties and responsibilities of adult life.. that palm writing reminded me to get back to the roots and let my inner child get some attention, feel her needs. Balance out external and internal needs too.

        Thank you very much, I’m enjoying your thoughts on life. It really resonates with me.
        I’m grateful to you for reading me.

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