Legacy – What Moves Us? | Bookreview

What mark do you want to leave behind on this world? Which heritage were you left with to carry on, or build upon?

I believe these questions are the most important sources of energy we can use to direct our lives. Also helping to find a purpose to surrender our earthly existence for.

Based on yesterday’s advices to self on how to order my brain and with my life, I spent majority of my day reading a wonderful book.

Legacy, book, reading, what moves us?Danielle Steel: Legacy

Bridgette, mediocre- late 30’s American woman, out of nowhere starting to have a rough day after an other. Losing her boyfriend of 6 years and saying goodbye to her middling job of 10 years within two days, leaving her in deep depression and sorrow.

You can see by the amount of linked post above (written based on my life updates), I can heavily relate to her already.

She decides to take things in order in spite of her inner urges for motherhood, marriage and taking back her comfortable life. Bridgette takes up the challenge of her mum instead: researching her ancestors. She suddenly finds herself in life altering discovery. A remarkable Indian woman appears in the family tree, where she though only well-anticipated French or Irish folks will be.

As loosing her interest in mainly every other area in her life, she decides to carry on learning the adventurous life of Wachiwi, who got stollen from Dakota Sioux by an other tribe.

The sudden turns of both the women’s lives unfolding in the well-written story, made me relate to them deeply.

These women’s struggle to find purpose transcends all differences between us and touches my heart closely.

I can’t wait to learn what will the second half of the book cover and if any solution it will offer to me in my search to find my own light.

I highly recommend for reading.

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