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Do you often find yourself wondering how writers (book, article, blog etc) can describe an emotion so delicately? How comes they always have just the right words to express a complicated feeling in the most effective ways? What do they do to sensitively calibrate their writing skills?

The Five-Minute Writer: Exercise and inspiration in creative writing in five minutes a day Paperback – 13 Jan 2009
by Margret Geraghty
The Five-Minute Writer: Exercise and inspiration in creative writing in five minutes a day Paperback – 13 Jan 2009
by Margret Geraghty

I was always fascinated by dialogues-writing, be it in movies or books. One of the 5 minutes practice encourages to write a conversation using the following scenario:

“The Phone rings, you pick up and a voice you don’t recognize tells you that your lover/partner/spouse is having an affair. Write the dialogue exchange.”

The five-minute writer by Margret Geraghty
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

While surrendering myself for the millions of variations to channel in, my hand instantly started to type. Within 5 minutes, my dialogue was clear:

-Hello, it is going to be hard to hear… but … someone needs to tell you. So.. khmm.. your husband is having an affair.
-Who the hell are you?
-I am no one.
-How should I know you are saying the truth?
-What else it could be?
-No, I know Josh. You are Julie. He enjoys having this marriage with you but no longer satisfied. He says the passion you once shared is gone long time ago.
-Isn’t it enough proof to you?
-Who is he with? Is that you? Now you are telling me because for years he made you wait and kept in promise of leaving me, hmmm Susan? You think you are so smart, trying to spark a fight to make me hand him over to you? No chance. Enjoy your day.
-… no.. wait… that was… no… this is not… I thought you don’t know and it fought with myself shall I share… should I not? …
-Stop there, young lady. I don’t need to hear your feelings about breaking up my marriage. Have a wonderful day.


Ignore the lack of nuances like added tone of language or describing of the feelings and emotions playing in the background. The point here that to become a master of writing, we need to keep practicing and this book gives an enormous amount of techniques which I guarantee will ignite your writing genes and spark remarkable ideas with a platform to learn from failures. 

Comment what conversation did you write in 5 minutes for this given situation?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Since I write mostly poetry, I don’t use much dialogue. However, I enjoy bringing in the emotional and spiritual sides of life.

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