3 Ups of Carer Life

I work as live-in Personal Care Assistant nationwide in the UK for over 2 years now. I started with the expectation of doing 6 month top, but then I just got comfortable with this challenging and constantly changing lifestyle. This is what I was actually looking for. Stretching my understanding of life, people and pushing my own limits.

How I get into it? (Contact me in case you wanna work like me too)

Needed to find a job, where I can start immediately with the least financial investment needed: no house rent, no food expense, no travel expenses. As I had work experience before in the UK, after the induction training I went straight to a client.

As a carer, we work and usually live together with individuals with spinal cord injuries. Meaning they are usually paralyzed neck down and have limited/no hand-abilities and movements.

Wheelchair Rugby is far more intense than I expected. Amazing sport, incredible people. (always keep the privacy of your client!)

What did I absolutely adore in this job?

  1. Learning about people and their ways of managing something seemingly tragic and soul crunching. Actually everyone is handling it differently so it gives a good glance of the personality trades and let you learn how to adapt to literally anyone and any situation.
  2. Traveling: they have a full life, and it involves going on holidays or even business trips with them. Also as I work nationwide it allow me to see different cities and regions of the UK. All this by train,which makes it even more magical.
  3. Inspiring: some exceptional people I have met over the 10-15 clients and their families. They can turn around a horrible situation, take the maximum out of life dispute tremendous difficulties.. And I am the one who dare to feel down sometimes? These people went through so much and coping with it with such ease makes me inspired for working on myself even more…

I love meeting them, learning from them.. This job always make me ask the question: what have I done with my life circumstances?

Did You make the maximum out of your life situation? Your abilities? Your time on earth?

Keep pushing for more and stay strong.

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