Mind Your Own Business

I find it fascinating how conservatives* care about what other people do or feel about their own body or what words they use. What makes them so entitled to demand one’s to choose only what they pre-approved?

As a liberal I stand for freedom of speech obviously. But when it comes in conflict with other fundamental human rights like the right to live or to pursuit of happiness, I draw a redline.

Why do conservatives wanna keep the name calling?

Why they don’t see the connection between degradingly hanging characteristics on groups of people, or spread hatred towards any race or ethnicity, religion etc and between manifested aggression?

Why do they wanna keep spreading hatred?

Because is freedom of speech? So damaging others is suddenly not only allowed but should be cherished?

Freedom to speak your mind is not an excuse to hurt! Not an excuse to trash our community spaces with their garbage. How it suddenly became ok to litter or piss into other’s gardens?

We have to let others live in the common spaces -be offline or online- without making anyone target of hatred.

Why is that so hard to follow? You don’t just start to go out in the world hurting others without consequences. Do you? Or their mothers didn’t teach them that causing harm to others is a big no-no?

Freedom of speech of hate-worshipers… What about the rights of people to decent life? To being able to walk out there or be in the virtual space without this massive movement of hatred?

Why not taking into consideration their rights of life without being treated sh.t or even threatened daily because of their origin, religion, or choices they made in their own life.

Why do we need to keep haters’ rights to speak harm into this world when they don’t respect nobody’s any other basic human rights to exist?

Until someone’s decision to use his or her freedom isn’t hurting an other people what is the problem?

Explain to me when someone is so loud about mocking people’s choice of words or choices of gender, why they put their noises into other’s life? Certainly not because gender or sexual orientation of others is harming to the mockers life really?

What harm it brings to their life to share this world with people who redefine and challenge the woman and man automatic categorization? How it is making others lives less important or how is it physical threat to others?

Why can’t they just mind their own business?

Why it matter so badly to conservatives to go angry whenever others make a non-conventional decision about their own lives without effecting others? Why do they wanna aggressively control?

It won’t degrade my heterosexual life to share this world with homosexuals. It won’t invalidate my views to co-exist in this space and time.

It literally has no effect on me to allow them to exist.

Neither do the transgenders or people of color. Their rights to live free from hatred is not a threat to my existence.

Therefore I don’t mind their business. It’s this simple.

But I do mind not sharing this world with those who’s agenda is to keep us separated and cause harm to decent people who do no harm to anyone.

Someone please explain to me why these people of hatred-pushing-agenda are so pissed about others’ life choices which have no negative effect on anybody really?

* Terminologically I might not be using the right name to identify a group of people but I believe it is highly true in general that conservatives share this very same idea I am trying to understand here. If you know better term to be used let to group these people please share.

2 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business

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    1. With the virtual space getting majority of our woken-time and the fact it “distance” people enough to feel anonymous or stop seeing it is a human being on the other side of the screen easily made us forget politeness, social norms and fundamental human rights.

      By the functions and online spaces we are forced to continuously share and manipulated into disrespect boundaries without regarding anything but ourselves.

      It’s really tough and heart wracking to think a few decades ago, we were told to be kind to each other’s and punished if hurt an other kid in the playground. Today the virtual playground rewards being an .sshole….

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