Social Impact Projects

Herby would like to personally congratulate for AIESEC Alumni all over Europe who are tirelessly working on shaping the world around us.

At the Regional Conference in Czech Republic, we had the chance to learn about individuals bringing a change to this world.

We met Irina from Germany who organized a CleanUp day and inspired 30 other person in her city to act upon an issue close to their heart: trash all over Nurnberg (SDG11-Sustainable cities and communities)

Also learned about that in Romania the weather can easily destroy buildings during winter due to lack of “forest belts”. The combination of extreme wind and snow makes many villagers suffer. Therefore Teia started a non-profit and in 13 years she had planted millions of trees all across her country. (Life on land, SDG15)

Nikolina in Croatia had saved Europe’s largest potable river from total distraction by standing up for her government and protesting a gas plantation for over 3 years, resulting in keeping one of the basic life resource, water clean (SDG6).

Alumni Association Croatia is leading the change among their National exAIESECer community by organizing 20+ events in record time.

We are more then happy to see such inspirational people and projects happening all across Europe.

It’s a such a privilege I could be sharing this moment with all of you and I can be living in this world together with such wonderful people.

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    1. Thanks for commenting.

      True. And the crazy in it is that we all can do something. And if we all do the issues will be eliminated. That’s my dream.
      I hope you checked their videos linked in the article to see exactly what they have done.

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