Randomness Level 1000000

AIESEC Alumni from all over mainly Europe and the world, headed towards home.

Not my friend.

He got into the same shared car with me and 2 other Hungarian habitants just to drop him to the nearest train station.

Within 10 mins I made him change direction and come with us till Budapest.

First time in his life, after 4 hours and hundreds of kms and millions of life stories later we all got to Oktogon Square.

The randomness didn’t stop. It turned out that some friends of his from Cameroon were actually meeting up within 100 meter of where we had just stopped.

Life can be unpredictable.

Some moment we are sure to head to one direction, but the other turns plans upside down.

God had a better plan for him: meeting 3 of his fellow AIESEC in Cameron members.

And this random change in plans made my life richer with 3 new friends.

Some days randomness and going with the flow is just what we need.

Thank you for all of you for today. It was truly a blessing.

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