Random Act of Kindness

Today I was wondering around Budapest.

There was a homeless man stepping toward me and I already knew his intentions.

He opened his mouth and started his story. How he need some coins to have enough money to get his prescriptions.

I instantly felt the smell of alcohol so I interrupted and asked him if he wants the prescription really, because we can go to nearby pharmacy and get them for him.

He said no no he just need some coins, because … I got him interrupted again:”please be honest to me. You want it for alcohol? I can small you drunk some already”

His face changed for an even softer one and said with a look down, towards his foot that he does need it for alcohol.

I was taking out my money instantly to give him and it surprised him so I explained him I value his honesty.

It is really a difficult life to be alone always… that’s what I know from my own life style. Imagine being on the street rough sleeping?

When we wanna forget loneliness we sometimes go to a party or find occasions to drink. It helps to get away from reality of life for a moment.

So I don’t judge him.

But I did want to know if he is really sick or that was a story so I asked him straight. He instantly showed me his legs and how it was paining him to have all those ulcers and wounds due to froze-injuries.

Also shown me his papers. One was a fine from the public transport (50,000 Huf around £150) because he had to go to the other side of Budapest to that particular hospital where he can get treated and he didn’t have the right ticket.

My heart was broken for him.

I can’t pay his fine but I could get him some food. So we headed to the nearby butcher and got him some meat. He explained to me while walking slowly towards our target in 150 meters that he has a little pot he enjoys cooking in and he has a little tent somewhere..

How the police is treating him and how the homeless shelters are cruel places. What happened to him to get here. How he worked in uk (as well as me) and even told me some English words which sounded very convincing.

His wife divorced him and his brother died in his house which burned down a while back…

There was a lot to process.

Most of the time I don’t take time to listen.

Sometimes I even get annoyed by approaching people who wanna ask money.

Today I have already gave some coins in the metro literally 2 mins before this man stepped toward me.

He even told me based on my look he was worried to come to me. I looked too serious and a bit cruel.

But thanks God he did.

So when finally arriving to the meat-shop I knew he knows the people inside and it’s a positive way. So they won’t look at us strange.

They were smiling in happiness after seeing me getting him all the meat he wanted and even some eggs and extras.

They kept thanking me. How nice I am and so on.

But I didn’t do for this.

We left and we kept talking.

I offered him to visit the nearby shop too. He wanted a juice and a deodorant. So why not?

And I also gave him the smallest Hungarian bill, to ensure he can get the onion and garlic he wants for cooking and also a bus ticket to get where he needs to go to the doctor again.

I didn’t want to take a picture of him so hereby are 2 only of the items.

  • I didn’t share the story to make anyone congratulate to me.
  • I just wanted you to take your time sometimes just to listen.

    Because when we said goodbye after nearly an hour he told me he is grateful for all the items and so… but he is the most grateful he had someone to talk to and someone who listened.

    I wished him the best. He done the same to me and we went on with our lives in hope the world could be a little better today.

    “Yes, it is God who is working in you. He helps you want to do what pleases him, and he gives you the power to do it.”

    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭ERV‬

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