Nature of Humans | April’s Challenge

Today is the last day of April’s challenge I’ve started on the very first of this month to write a post every single day.

I worried if I could stay strong and keep my promise due to my constantly changing daily routine when I’m at work or off it. I never know what my day is going to be until is lived. So it was really harsh process to enable myself to take time out.

What my life was that day? Where I was heading? It was just always questioning and kept changing.

My life became a constant extremity of change.

30 days left in a blink of an eye and my life literally turned upside down. First time in my existence I actually recorded most of the intense changes thanks to challenging myself in this blogging experience.

My relationship is on the edge.

My work is on the edge.

The lifestyle I kept for the last 2 years is near to be stopped.

My focus is getting sharper and distraction-like activities are all questioned by today.

My personality through all these experiences is shaken in its core.

I’m a new person.

With a much clearer purpose and more defined clarity.

Still a lot to process, but I’m proud that I could push myself to the limits by writing every single day here no matter how hectic my life was.

Before midnight, I had my thoughts organized and presented to the world. But mainly to myself.

Thank you for all support and to accompanying me on this rough road and being here to me when I was feeling lost.

I’m still in the search.

But the picture is getting less and less blurry with every single day.

Pray for me to stay strong and hold tight to my dream of opening that social incubator space in west Africa.

I’m terrified of all these changes in my life but I have no choice now just to enjoy the ride.

God Bless You All.

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