Attention: Controversial | Liberals vs Conservatives

Today I was blessed with a chance to understand a point of view which is on the extreme other side of what is mine: white pride? or what is that called? I have no clue but I'll try to explain.

Love, I Let You Go

I more believe it is about finding ourselves first, before investing so much into an other person. Love relationship is just too hard. to me to understand... That is life.. c'est la vie..

Value Comes Late

It is so easy to lose track of the importance of a relationship, until it is gone and you are reminded of it by it's absence.

Moment of Clarity

Coming out of an episode of low energy always requires two things: self-reflection and being unsatisfied with the situation. So we seek too see clear. For a moment of clarity in the storm, we need the desire to upgrade.

Disabled by Burnout

Once a while I get to the point when I feel absolute burnt-out. These episodes can make me disabled on my way to find my own light. OR withdrawing is necessity to bounce back and gain energy again?

Open letter to All Empaths

There are tailored life lessons for everyone just have to seek for it daily. Empaths provide way too much self-sacrifices for others which needs to be openly addressed.

Happy New Month | April’s challenge

April’s challenge is to post every day in my blog. It’s basically about my way of pushing myself. Last year in May I’ve done the same and I found it extremely motivating... let’s see what’s this new month bringing to me?!? 🙏🏼

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