GoT Impact

I never thought I’m gonna love a series this much then how I love Game of Thrones.

Especially recalling the beginning, when I refused to pay attention for 3 seasons straight… then I accidentally watched an episode with Theon getting to the Iron Island and sharing a horse ride with his -later to be learned- sister.

I instantly started to chain-watch all available seasons.

If you haven’t watched the latest episode please note there is going to be spoilers in the following videos.

When I was watching 8/03 last week I felt glad I had company with me unlike how I usually watch episodes.

I believe the last season was literally made to be watched as a freaking football game: on screens in a tent with fellow supporters!screaming with you.

Such as:

I was literally feeling hopeless to my bones after 45 minutes of constantly loosing characters… and then when Arya got that cool assassin move I jumped up screaming for a sec when got silenced for a moment until happiness returned to my broken soul.

This was the coolest roller coaster I have ever been on and it is even amplified when shared.

Unlucky, an other feeling also followed when I realized that one episode and one cool ninja move was it. The end of the Night King we have been waiting for nearly a decade… winter came and left in a sec.

To be honest it had a bitter last taste for episode 3 and made me a bit less interested to the new coming episode of today.

Until I’ve seen this:

There is no way this amount of mental, emotional work the entire cast and crew of Game of Thrones put into the episode and the whole story was pointless.

I have to celebrate this episode and remember back to that crucial moment how deeply lost this entire battle seemed for the whole episode. (and even before for 8 years seemed endless.)

We needed this to end it quick. We needed this winter to fall in a cool but a quick move, not in a long tiring scene…

We needed this exact moment of shock.

After usually waiting so long for anything in life, we need a clear cut. Not an even longer battle. This episode was put into so much energy and thoughts to not consider it pointless, as unfortunately so many is critiquing it now.

I believe, in life when we reach milestones we go though the exact same feelings when seen Arya unfolding from fog behind the NK in that epic scene…

We feel momentary satisfaction after years of working towards a goal (like getting a university degree) and then boom… in a second we feel emptiness… just before even having the sweet taste of joy in our mouth it’s all gone.

There is something huge going down and at the same time we feel like we reached nothing.

There is still a tomorrow.

There is still a lot to do and it will be exactly like that till the last breath constantly. No escape from dissatisfaction.

A period has come to an end in life (and in Game of Thrones).

The best we can do is to enjoy that fragile moment of happiness.

Do that.


Don’t be an .ssh.le.

She deserved it more then anyone to be celebrated for her efforts:

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