Arya Thought Me

What have I learned from one of the most adored Game of Thrones character lately?

We got to know her as a lost in duties and social pressure girlchild back in season one.

I can’t believe she had such strength to train to use a sword in a social setting where ladies like her were meant to be trained only to entertain males.

She fought hard and with perseverance she learned how to hold herself. How to use different weapons and how to murder. In the training to learn the coldest profession on earth she had never lost out of her sight the end goal.

Not even when she met Gendry who she had clearly started to develop feelings for early in the series.

How Arya could reject when Gendry proposed to her?

I wish I could be this focused…

I wish I could be this strong about keeping promises I made to myself.

She is not just a hero because she destroyed the effing NK. Arya is more a hero to me due to the strong sense of her purpose and that no matter what, she stayed true to herself.

Absolutely love it.

Although I wish Gendry and her to figure out a life they both would be happy living. I believe there is a lifestyle for them..

No one wants to be alone.

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