Facing Impossible

Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest place. This time I needed a fictional character to learn how to finally get on track.

Identifying is never a problem. We can be the best critics of ourselves. Clearly knowing what activities possibly we don’t like in life, it’s the easy start. We only need to think and observe.

For example exercising. Having tried gym I am quite sure right now it’s not for me. Also tried jogging and still do sometimes but not really enjoyable. Same with swimming. All is fun for a little while and I lose interest.

The hard part is to initiate the real change which means sticking to something no matter what.

Grabbing a hold on changing a habit is the hard work itself. Especially when being aware of how difficult the process can possibly be. And it always is.

I observed myself what exercises I enjoyed at school or in the past, and my general personality I figured out a simple plan.

So I had this #findyourownlightchallenge when I tend to push myself through of posting on my blog every single day for a month. I have tried it in May 2018 and reconsidered again this April.

Also done 3 times Daniel’s fasting for 21 days, where I took only plants and water.

Based on all that I can tell that I need a timeline and a daily repetition of activities to keep my self-will under rigorous control otherwise I tend to fail quick.

Also I know I perform better if someone is around me or keep me accountable as a team mate. So asked one friend to train me for the next 21 days with weights, and other easy to deliver at home activities. These are the ones I would never manage to do alone more then a few times and then give up due to lack of motivation.

Then because I like over torturing myself, when something is to change I push it to the extreme, so decided to learn finally some dance moves.

Not even any kind, but the hardest to my white.ss:


I have no clue about what is where on my body so it’s hard to imagine that I will ever be able to deliver African dances, with all that twerking and hip movements and smooth moves.

But who cares? I’m gonna try it anyhow with the choreography above. Gonna memorize the moves, then perhaps within 3 weeks smooth it near perfection. (?) After today I can only say that non of these steps feel comfortable doing.. :D

Arya has started from nowhere too, so why not allow myself to look ridiculous?

The actress Maisie even trained from zero lefthand-skills to became after a decade of training that perfect Arya, a new action hero we see lately on GoT killing the NK.

So I thought again, why not? :D

First day of 21 is done.

Let’s see.

Age 32,5 will I be able to rock these moves with zero dance background? :D

I like playing with impossible..

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