Wanna Upgrade Your Life?

Have you ever wanted an instant upgrade in your life? Maybe you are tired of your ways of making the daily bread, and feel like something is missing…

It’s been around 12 months now I’m not the happiest in my life.

With my newly found passion in doing daily exercises and dancing, I wondered about why I only started to build interest in these activities now?

Since 3 days ago I started an other challenge of 21 days, I can’t stop watching twerking and Afro dances.

You need to know that I am absolutely trash in caring for my body or exercising… It never used to be part of my daily life.

Of course at age 32,5 my physic has changed… at age 29,5 I went vegetarian. Then a year later I started jogging with more or less success in perseverance. Meaning 5 times in 3 months but I swear that’s a lot for me as for nearly 25 years I absolutely couldn’t even tolerate the idea to spear time out of my day for any boring activities such that.

I always liked dancing choreographies, but never really learned it long enough. So I’m horrible in it, and never do unless I’m completely wasted and don’t remember. :D

A moment ago I was trying to remember what life stages I went through?

My focus as a teenager was mainly being in love. Typically it meant to practice my boyfriends’ hobbies like cross motoring, tennis, basket ball, skateboard, football etc without much success.

I don’t complain, it helped crossing out so much from my bucket list. All these experiences made me learn about myself and the world. So that was just the time for those.

After getting to university my focus changed for finally learning what seemed like my field: marketing, entrepreneurship and business. I spent most my time with working in an office, goin to school, competing in scientific researching, volunteering in AIESEC and parting with friends obviously.

Then after 27 I developed a thirst for the world, so went out of my country and even the European continent the first time. And actually, since 2014, I live like a nomad.

Discovering the meaning of all my previous experiences was when I arrived to Benin Republic: entrepreneurship, social impact, marketing, business.. even motorbike riding and feeling interest of dancing made so much sense and I could connect literally all the dots right there.

Learning while traveling west Africa, even resulted in getting closer to God. Beside that, I also found peace with my family plans. On the contrary what I had believed true my entire life, I realized, I do wanna get married in a stable relationship and have child. Not even one, at least 3.

This surprised me a lot.

But even more understanding comes today though always forcing myself to learning new stuff: doing online journalism course, fasting, editing podcasts, writing a blog quite regularly, creating content to AIESEC Alumni as a volunteer…

Now, in my thirties seems like I also started finally focusing on my body: doing some workouts and stopping eating trash food.

So I was wondering today, how is that my big dream is still not happening? That purpose I figured out a while back and are really feeling a call for: social entrepreneur incubator/ open office space in west Africa.

As this new challenge is progressing with day 3 today, I noticed I feel more and more at home in my own body.

I felt home in the world the stage before.

A level earlier I made my brain a my true home.

Before that it was my soul which I have started to discover by my own.

There were always these areas in my life I put in spotlight: center resources and energies around one thing and one mostly.

Everything has its time.

Like I always hated household chores, and cooking especially, but today the work I do made me at least decent in these activities so I don’t mind doing them anymore.

Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible really informative about this truth (there is time for everything) in general. I suggest it for a read even if you are not religious. It’s great.

So what if unlocking my next level, delivering that dream I keep near my heart for nearly 5 years now, is to finally building myself a healthy body first?

What if I will need to build a habit of daily exercise before I go into that lifestyle? I will have tremendous stress so obviously I should have some sort of healthier body to cope with it in the future.

I tend to forget the needs of my body when in a big project.

It’s a kind of issue I never tackled before.

So what if getting ready with all other areas is needed to upgrade my life better?

What if turning my focus on developing a healthier life is the jumping step for making my next move?

You never know for sure.

My tactic is to just keep searching for new activities and just see which feels like it could be important for your future. Make sense out of it.

What’s your strategy to find what you need to do today what your future self will thank you for?

Can you connect the dots in your life right now? So you are in clarity stage so just keep delivering.

Or are you in a discomfort right now a little bit confused what is happening and why? Then you are in the preparing phase.

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