Spoiling Game of Thrones | season 8 episode 5

Just finished the newest episode of Game of thrones and I can’t come to my senses.

What I can say is series 8 was already disappointing in many points but this episode 5 was disturbingly epic.

Or epic disturbance.

( watch Kit Harington calling it disturbing too)

I couldn’t decide from two mental state: to feel empathy with characters through the unfolding events or maybe be glad they received what was their fair pay.

If you haven’t watched it please do before reading below: SPoILER ALERT.

Killing the night king, main villain we waited 8 years, within an episode, is nothing compare to what King’s landing receives in this one.

First is the iron fleet, it’s completely done in literally 30 seconds. Why Rhaegal was sacrificed then last episode?

Then she redesigned the main gate with one “barbecue” opening it way much wider and simultaneously destroyed 80% of the golden army.

I didn’t have much time as a viewer to wonder why Dany waited 8 years for this. She alone with Drogon could trash the whole place, why all the waiting?

In less then an hour I was twisted in my emotions towards most of the main characters:

  • Varys: i hated that he returned to his snake attitude, but I couldn’t watch his execution because still I felt it was not deserved.
  • Tyrion: I appreciated his loyalty for once in his life towards someone non Lannister until he freed his brother and once again gave the benefit of the doubt to Cercei believing she could quit bitching in time. To be honest, I was waiting a happy ending at this point too…
  • Jamie: I thought he had learned better not to stay any close to this woman… at least I hoped he was over her or something or at least some sort of decency I hoped he could show towards Brienne by not leaving her “used” in Wintetfell for such selfish reasons. Noooo he just left to spend the final seconds of his life with his true lover.
  • Grey Worm: my favorite since we first met him in GoT, but I thought he had some humanity or crave for justice inside not to butcher all those innocent people. He always been loyal but also fair as a leader. I know his only connection to his human side was beheaded last episode but still I was hoping for a less unjust execution of order of his one and only queen..
  • Arya: she went so far for what? Literally no reason she showed this episode. She got to Kong’s Landing, why? She had already knew what Sandor told her even before they left Witnerfell? I do hope now she changes her mind at least about Gendry’s offer and accept being a lady of Storm’s End. She delivered the most useless and pointless actions in this episode. Absolutely no logic or reason in her sudden change of plan.
  • Jon: he doesn’t know anything still. But it seems he got finally some sort of understanding. He is pissing me off for a while already. Although in this episode he seems like finally getting some use of growing his balls.
  • Dany: well, I was waiting for her madness after all that isolations happened to her lately. She lost everyone.. I was almost excited to see how she will deliver a just revenge, while stays true to herself in sparing innocent lives. All her values were just trashed this episode. She got a thirst for blood and put everyone (except Arya) in the whole city of King’s Landing on fire. Somewhere on the way of her turning inside out, my feelings changed from emphasizing with her sadness and depression into pure disgust.

The only person I felt was true self is Sandor. He stayed who he developed into and had fought well and really played a honor to the viewers by finishing up with only decent human reactions. Very touching moments with his “step”daughter. He saved her life again and then delivered an epic fight.

Actually the only decent fight scene in this episode…

The main problem with humans is that we all tend to believe in decency. We think that people will eventually turn into better persons.

Anything to learn from this episode?

Definitely yes!

  • No one is rational.
  • Everyone is stubborn.
  • Nobody ends up their story with an instant switch for better personality and values.
  • Even the nicest ones will turn into the most disgusting people once they fear something. Or lose something.
  • Those who faced fear and looked in its eyes way too close, will melt down emotionally.
  • We can hate someone but also feel mercy once their ugly faith come to take them.
  • And that one with one single super weapon (dragon) can win any fight on earth.

That is a crazy journey.

I have no hopes remained for any sort of character development or any happiness or even any justice for the final episode.

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